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BSC set up technical cooperation with city in South China

Updated: 2017-10-24

To fulfill the major local companies’ technological requirements, BSC set up technical cooperation with Beihai city in South China’s Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

There were some technical problems regarding sea creature products and biological medicine that prior couldn’t be resolved in Beihai. But after the launching of the cooperation project, BSC organized technology symposium to make its member societies identify the technology requirements of Beihai, effectively connecting the enterprises and research institutions.

The symposium focuses on the application prospect and development direction of nano biomedical materials in disease diagnosis and treatment. The participants mainly discussed research and development of nano biomedical materials, medical imaging and nano smart materials, nano physical therapy, the industrial development of nano biomaterials and so forth.  

These symposiums are of great guiding significance for local enterprises in understanding the competition focus and trend of nano biomedical industry, for the future research and development of nano biometerials as well as effective industrial distribution.

Moreover, BSC has constantly done great amount of work on information integration platform, think tank services, talent training and exhibition promotion, providing safeguard and support to the innovation support project, and boosting its in-depth development.