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BSC members compile the biophysics entries in the third edition of the Biology Volume of Encyclopedia of China

Updated: 2017-10-25

The third edition of the Encyclopedia of China-Biology Volume editorial committee was formed on June 1, 2015. Shen Xun, a professor at the Biophysical Society of China, acts as the chief editor of the biophysics editor committee. He is in charge of the compilation of biophysics entries, along with associate editor Zhang Zhihong and Gu Fanji.   

In the past one and a half years, especially in the year of 2016, the committee invited over 50 experts and scholars in the field of biophysics, including five academicians, to write explanatory notes to the entries of sub disciplines within biophysics, important biophysical concepts and technical methods.     

As of the end of 2016, 58 first drafts of the explanatory notes have been accomplished, part of which are under examination. 100 explanatory notes are expected to be completed and put online by August, 2017.

The compilation and publication of the Encyclopedia of China is a basic, landmark and innovative project in the history of the country’s scientific and cultural establishment. In 1993, the first edition of China Encyclopedia was published, marking an end to an era in China without an encyclopedia. The third edition of the encyclopedia is a product of the digital age. Based on information technology and the Internet, the new encyclopedia is a large-scale public knowledge platform that produces, distributes and disseminates knowledge. Taking professional content as the core, the online edition is compiled according to subject division, targeting readers with a college degree or above.