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Biophysics Reports

Updated: 2017-10-25


Biophysics Reports is the official journal of the BSC and administrated by the CAST. It is co-sponsored by the BSC and the Institute of Biophysics, CAS. The Chinese version was launched in 1985. It is included in databases such as Chemical Abstracts (CA), the Chinese Science and Technology Paper Citation Database (CSTPCD), the Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD), China Academic Journals (CD, web), the China Science and Technology Journal Database (CQVIP), Chinese Science Abstracts and the Guide to the Core Journals of China.

To meet the needs of China’s rapidly-growing biophysical disciplines and to better play the role of BSC’s official journal, Biophysics Reports has made many explorations and breakthroughs in operation in recent years. In January 2010, the bimonthly Chinese edition began publishing monthly. Great efforts have also been devoted to improve publication quality, the academic level and its overall impact through cooperation with the China Science Publishing Group, bringing new vitality into the journal.

As China has growing influence in biophysical research and more frequent international exchanges in the field, Biophysics Reports has gone through major adjustments in publication language and academic orientation, highlighting the fact that biophysics is interdisciplinary. It makes full use of the excellent academic resources from the Institute of Biophysics, CAS and the BSC. In August 2015, the journal started publishing in English bimonthly and changed its English title to Biophysics Reports. The English edition, using the full Open Access (OA) publication mode since its launch, is published and distributed online in cooperation with German publisher Springer. As an international English journal, Biophysics Reports mainly covers new theories, new technology and new methods in life sciences, offering a global exchange platform for China’s study in bioscientific technologies and methods. 


Puncta: Essentially an auto-commentary by inviting authors who have written the most recently significant and forthcoming papers, published elsewhere, to provide a short summary with additional insights, new interpretations or speculations on relevant topics.

News and Views: Interesting or important comments and clarifications on novel methodological advances that have been involved in life science researches.

Methods: Novel methods permitting experiments, measurements or computations that were not possible before.

Protocols: Collection of authoritative protocols focusing on techniques involved in a particularly broad range of topics, not only including recently developed procedures but also containing 'old classics' or especially timely protocols for particular subsets of our audience.

Reviews: In-depth review articles presenting authoritative and up-to-date surveys, synthesis and evaluation of the hot topics and trends in the field concerning theory, methods and techniques involved in biological and biomedical sciences.

Research Articles: Original articles reporting the application of new methods that address to certain important biological questions, and results shall demonstrate the significance of new methods in comparison with existing approaches or techniques.

For more information, please visit http://www.biophysics-reports.org.