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BSC channels resources to western China

Updated: 2017-11-01

BSC channels resources to western China, advancing the development of science education for the adolescent students living in less developed regions so as to promote the fairness of science education and bring benefits to all.

In September, 2016, Qin Zhihai, a professor at the Biophysical Society of China, donated 240 series of books to 170 elementary and secondary schools under the county level in central and western China, together with Beijing Sage Creation Company and Overseas China Education Foundation.

Ye Sheng, deputy professor at the Biophysical Society of China, gave a lecture titled Small Talk about Biophysics to over 500 high school students of Karamay No 6 Middle School, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. Ye also attended the opening ceremony of a lecture series that aims to introduce teenagers in Karamay with up-to-date science knowledge and also made a keynote presentation of the Created and the Devastated - an Age of Extinction as the first guest speaker at the city’s Youth and Children Tech Center.     

Moreover, Miao Long, a professor at BSC, gave a science lecture at a middle school in north China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region.