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BSC spreads popular science information through online platforms

Updated: 2017-11-03

By cooperating with domestic and foreign media, BSC spreads popular science information through the Internet, online video platforms and iOS and Android APPs such as WeChat, providing service to the target audiences.  

Miao Long, a professor at the Biophysical Society of China, set up a video website named iBioChina where people could watch live lectures on biomedical science, along with Prof. Ron Vale, a fellow of the United States National Academy of Sciences and the winner of Lasker Prize. Then in 2015, iBioChina opened official accounts on Tencent Video, Youku Video and WeChat, uploaded videos of lectures given by experts from the biomedical field and popular science content targeting the public and students. Such content immensely promoted the development of China’s science research undertaking and enhanced the public’s knowledge regarding basic medical sciences.  

In 2016, approximately 20 original articles on transgene, synthetic life, Zika virus, cord repair, 2016 Nobel Prize and others were published on WeChat, with an average page view of 1,000 for each. Some of the articles were reposted by other official science accounts.  

Some experts such as BSC’s deputy professor Ye Sheng were called “active answerers” in the biophysical field on Zhihu, a platform like Quora where people ask questions and connect with those who contribute unique insights and quality answers. By interacting with the net users, they have achieved a lot in the popularization of science.