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Updated: 2017-11-10

Offer lectures on career planning and help in the growth of young professors

With a forum on career planning for young professors, the Biophysical Society of China offers lectures for postgraduates who are determined to work in scientific research. The forum invites famed scientists to give speeches, share their research experience, and direct and help young people make proper career plans. The lectures have been warmly welcomed by students. Academicians including Rao Zihe, Guo Aike and Shen Yan have been invited to give talks on professor's career planning. The scientists also shared their experiences with students and answered questions from the audience. 

Build a sharing platform to ease pressure on women scientists

Set up in 2011, the Forum for Women Scientists invites elite women scientists to share their success stories. Through their speeches, the scientists inspire women professors to be confident, self-reliant and disciplined. Making use of unique advantages, women scientists are encouraged to devote their efforts in the era of development and contribute to progress in science and our society.


The forum on Women and Biophysical Beauty was established in 2015


Special guests at the Women and Biophysical Beauty Forum in 2015


Opening ceremony for the women scientist branch of the BSC in November 2015

Discover talented personnel and provide a platform

- Four elected as academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences or Chinese Academy of Engineering

- Four won the China Youth Science and Technology Award

- Two won the China Women in Science Award

- One team received a three-year financial assistance for innovative group research 

- Six won a three-year, 2.1 million yuan grant in the Program for Young Talent Support

- Four won the title of National Outstanding Scientific and Technical Worker

- Three won second prize in the State Natural Science Awards

- Two won the National Innovation Prize