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Updated: 2017-11-13

The Asian Biophysics Association (ABA) originated from symposiums between China and Japan, which later grew into the ABA with the addition of Asia-Pacific countries such as South Korea, India and Australia. Research fellow Shen Junxian, academician Yan Xiyun and research fellow Liu Pingsheng held the post of ABA council member successively. Academician Yan Xiyun served as ABA president (2015-2018).


The 1st East Asian Biophysics Symposium (EABS), initiated by China, Japan and South Korea, was held in Japan. The symposium was the predecessor of the ABA.


China hosted the 2nd EABS.  


The 5th EABS held in Japan decided to establish the ABA.


BSC delegation attended the 6th ABA Symposium in Hong Kong, China.  


On behalf of the BSC, Shen Junxian attended the 7th ABA Symposium in India and promoted the IBC 2011.  


BSC delegation attended the 8th ABA Symposium in Cheju, South Korea. Vice president and Secretary-General Yan Xiyun made a presentation on behalf of the BSC, winning the bid to host the 9th ABA Symposium.


The 9th ABA Symposium was held in China, attracting more than 400 attendees from 11 countries. Vice president and secretary-general Yan Xiyun was elected as ABA president, becoming the first female to hold the post.  


The 10th ABA Symposium is to be held in Australia and Rao Zihe is invited to deliver a plenary lecture.

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