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Popularization of Science

Updated: 2017-11-13

The popularization of science is one of the objectives of the Biophysical Society of China. With the philosophy of “innovation, promotion, collaboration and inclusivity", the BSC takes into full consideration targeted audiences in popular science, teams of experts, centers for scientific activities, the planning of themes, innovation in methods and the creation of popular science works. The BSC is constantly improving working mechanisms to significantly enhance efforts in promoting popular science.

In 2016, the BSC was awarded the National Outstanding Unit for Science Popularization.

Rapid growth in audience

The audience for popular science has increased from several thousand in 2006 to nearly five million in 2016. The number of beneficiaries has also grown significantly. 

The work of popular science is a combination of knowledge, fun, practicality and being scientific.

Strong team of experts and expanding science centers

Starting with individual efforts by the experts at the BSC, the work in science popularization has become well-organized, with a promotion group led by a dedicated committee of academicians and supported by a mobile terminal-centered team of young scientists. At the same time, the society has recruited nearly 100 volunteers, held carefully planned activities and events, and made productive efforts in popularizing science. In addition, taking advantage of international academic exchanges, the society invites the top scientists worldwide, including Nobel Prize winners, to participate in the popularization of science.

The changing role of experts: from ‘guerrilla’ to ‘professional’


Professor Brian Kobilka, Nobel Prize winner, gives a presentation. [Source: Xinhua]


Professor Erwin Neher, Nobel Prize winner, visits the Experimental School attached to Chinese Science Academy.

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