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Popularization of Science

Updated: 2017-11-13

Innovative methods and well-targeted services

In addition to reports, seminars, display boards, models and other traditional forms, new media and its booming development has really added wings to the popularization of science through use of online videos and instant messaging app WeChat. The popularization of science now can now reach a much wider audience and also become more customized and precise to a fairly large extent.

Modern means:

- Online Videos (Views of iBioChina on Tencent Video and Youku totaled more than 3.7 million)

- WeChat (official account of iBioChina) has nearly 10,000 subscribers, with total views in excess of 500,000; the official WeChat account for the BSC gained more than 100,000 views in half a year; blog; account on Toutiao

Rich and accessible activities to meet demands of the public

- Week of science and technology

- Introduction of frontier science and technology

- Scientific literacy class for teenagers

- National Science Day

- Analysis of public health issues

- Public health lecture


Scientific exhibition: The mystery of the brain 


He Rongqiao, director of the committee for science popularization, explains brain science to a group of middle school students. 


Miao Long, researcher and also leader of the mobile science popularization project, gives a report at a forum during the 2016 World Life Science Conference.

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