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Continuing Education

Updated: 2017-11-13

To meet the need, the Biophysical Society of China offers a series of training courses itself or in cooperation with research institutions and enterprises. The well-designed courses invite famous scientists and researchers to give lectures and offer opportunities for members to link theory with practice and master professional knowledge. The courses, which provide practical and effective assistance to scientific and technical workers, have received a warm welcome and high praise from students.

Characteristics of continuing education courses

International: Taught by foreign teachers and students from around the world.

Systematic: 3D instruction model and at primary, medium and advanced levels.

Online: Updated online and accessible at all times and places.

Continuing education courses in four types

Cooperation with enterprises

We have held training courses since 2014 on high pressure freezing once a year in cooperation with Leica Microsystems. We have also started cryo-electronic microscopy training courses with Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Cooperation with international organizations:

Covering some of the cutting-edge technology, the BSC has cooperated with international organizations, including CCP4 and EMBO, and invited well-known experts to give lectures.

Flagship training programs

Jointly held training courses on superoxide flash technology. For some emerging technologies in biophysics, the BSC has begun a series of training courses by its own experts, including basic experiments and image processing in cryo-electron microscopy.

Cooperation with universities

Using mature technologies and excellent technicians from university laboratories, the BSC has started popular training courses, including molecular medical imaging training in cooperation with the Institute of Molecular Medicine, Peking University in 2012, and superoxide flash courses in cooperation with academician Cheng Heping from the laboratories of Peking University in 2015.