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Notice regarding the 12th Symposium on Calcium Signaling in China

Updated: 2018-04-26

Hosted by the Biological Society of China (BSC) and China Medical University (CMU), the 12th Symposium on Calcium Signaling in China (SCSC) will be held in Shenyang, Liaoning province from July 18 to 22, 2018.

The 12th symposium aims to provide an international platform for experts, scholars and researchers to exchange ideas, display the latest researches, and cooperate with each other.

SCSC is a biennial academic conference organized by scientists at home and abroad. It was initiated in Xuzhou in 1987 and was held every three years until 1999. Since 2006, the symposium has been held every two years, following the suit of Gordon Conference.

It has been held in cities of Yichang, Beijing, Huangshan, and Zunyi. The 8th symposium themed “New Horizons in Calcium Signaling” was co-organized by BSC and the Biophysical Society in the USA, attracting dozens of internationally renowned experts, including Richard Tsien, Wolf Almers, and John Lederer.

I. Conference Organization

Chairman (Chairwoman) of the conference: Hao Liying (Mainland), Lu-Yang Wang (Overseas)

Chairman (Chairwoman) of the previous conference: Yi Biguang (Mainland), Jenny J. Yang (Overseas)

Committee members: Bi Guoqiang, Chen Jianguo, Cheng Heping, Cui Zongjie, Dong Hui, Gao Feng, Gao Tianming, Han Junhai, Hao Liying, He Cheng, Hu Junjie, Kang Lijun, Li Yang, Liu Jianfeng, Liu Xiaodong, Luo Ziqiang, Ma Xin, Ouyang Kunfu, Shen Bing, Sun JianYuan, Yu Biguang, Wang Changhe, Wang Yizheng, Xiao Bailong, Xu Tianle, Xu Wenming, Yang Zhuo, Yu Xiao, Zeng Xuhui, Zhang Xiaohui, Zhang Wei, Zheng Ping, Zhou Jingjun, Zhou Wenliang, Zhou Zhuan, Zhu Minsheng, Jenny J. Yang (USA), Jie Zheng (USA), Lu-Yang Wang (Canada), Michael X.Zhu (USA), Yubin Zhou (USA)

Secretariat: Ma Li, Meng Fanxia, Xu Wenli

Contact people: Hu Huiyuan (Mainland), Dina Chuang-Zhu (Overseas)

II. Conference Content

1. Calcium signaling and related ion channels

2. Calcium store and calcium binding protein

3. GPCRs in cell function

4. Calcium signaling in health and disease

5. Ion channels in new drug development

6. Advanced technology of calcium signal detection

III. Invited Experts

1. Willam Catterall (University of Washington, an academician of the American Academy of Sciences, USA)

2. Michael Salter (University of Toronto, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada,  Canada)

3. Terry Snutch (University of British Columbia, a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, Canada)

4. Gerald Zamponi (University of Calgary, a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada,  Canada)

5. Cheng Heping (Institute of Molecular Medicine, Peking University, an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences) 

IV. Essay and Academic Exchange

1. Requirements for abstracts

The conference calls for papers and abstracts. The abstracts should be submitted in English and cover detailed information such as the title of the paper, author's information (including author's name, affiliation, email address etc.) and the paper's summary. The submitter's name should be underlined.

The abstracts should be of the standard typeface of Times New Roman, 12 point in a page of A4.

Submission deadline: April 15, 2018.

If the abstract submitted misses the deadline without invitation from the organizing committee, it will not be presented orally or compete for the award of “best abstract” in this conference.

For more information, please contact Xu Wenli, Tel: +86-10-64887226; E-mail: findwayfrom@163.com.

2. Academic exchanges: lectures, seminars and poster presentation.

V. Registration and Registration Fee

The registration and hotel reservation are online. Please register and reserve your room according to your own condition on the website (http://scsc2018.csp.escience.cn) and pay for your registration fee in a timely manner (See pay method). The lodging fee is settled directly with the hotel.

1. Registration fee:


Note: Student representatives should be full-time postgraduates and send a copy of the student ID card to the conference secretariat’ e-mail, findwayfrom@163.com for registration.

Representatives will be provided with proceedings of the conference and other materials, meals, coffee break and banquet for the conference.

For the conference, each accompanying person should pay 800 yuan for meals.

2. Date: July 18 to 22, 2018

3. Hotel: Shenyang International Crowne Plaza Hotel, 88 South Huanghe Street, Huanggu District, Shenyang, Liaoning, China

4. Meal vouchers: Meal vouchers will be collected at your registration. Each meal voucher is for one meal and is not refundable.

VI.   Sponsors and Exhibitors

1. Sponsors:

Title sponsorship for the banquet: at least 30,000 yuan

Title sponsorship for outstanding poster award: at least 10,000 yuan

Exempt one or two exhibition registration fees;

One free booth (a desk and two chairs);

Listed in the sponsors in the LED screen;

Advertising in the proceedings covering one or two A4 pages

2. Exhibitors: 6,000 yuan

Exempt one exhibition registration fee;

One free booth (a desk and two chairs);

Listed in the exhibitors in the LED screen;

Advertising in the proceedings covering a A4 page

3. Advertising in the proceedings only: 1,000 yuan/page

VII. Payment Method

Telegraphic Transfer (T/T)

Name of account owner: Biological Society of China

Bank account number: 0200006209014448518

Bank of deposit: The branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China on Dongsheng Road in Beijing

Please write down “SCSC2018 registration/exhibition fee” when you transfer the registration or exhibition fee.

VIII. Important Deadlines

Deadline for abstract submission: April 15, 2018

Deadline for registration discount: June 3, 2018

IX. Contact

1. Registration and hotel reservation

Xu wenli: findwayfrom@163.com; Tel: 010-64887226

2. Abstract submission

Meng Fanxia: meng@ibp.ac.cn; Tel: 010-64887226

3. Sponsorship and exhibition

Ma Li &Yang Liu: mali@ibp.ac.cn, yangliu@bsc.org.cn; Tel: 010-64887226

4. Conference coordination:

Hu Huiyuan (China Medical University): huiyuanhudr@163.com; Tel: 18900911978;

Sun Xuefei (China Medical University): sunxuefei2006@sina.com; Tel: 18900910279;

Kang Ze (China Medical University):dandingjun@163.com; Tel: 17624095225