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Notice about the World Life Science Conference 2018

Updated: 2018-10-18

The World Life Science Conference 2018 (WLSC 2018) is scheduled to be held on Oct 27-29 at the China National Convention Center in Beijing.

The conference is organized by China Association for Science and Technology, China Union of Life Science Societies and China National Center for Biotechnology Development.

The gathering will focus on areas including medicine and health, agriculture and food security, and environmental science and will display the latest research achievements, with the aim of promoting academic exchanges among scientists at home and aboard.

Renowned experts and scholars will attend the conference to share and exchange their experiences in scientific education and dissemination on scientific knowledge.

David Baltimore, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1975 and Chen Zhu, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress will be the chairmen of the conference.

I. Chairmen of the conference

Chen Zhu, vice-chairman of the 13th National People's Congress Standing Committee, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Honorary President of the Shanghai Institute of Hematology

David Baltimore, laureate of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (1975) and a professor at the California Institute of Technology

II. Organizing committee

Chairmen: Cao Xue Tao, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and president of the China Union of Life Science Societies

Victor J. Dzau, president of the National Academy of Medicine

III. Scientific & Program Committee


Rao Zihe, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the first president of the China Union of Life Science Societies

Valda Vinson, deputy editor of academic journal Science

IV. Invited speakers

David Baltimore, laureate of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (1975) and a professor at the California Institute of Technology

Aaron Ciechanover, a professor at the Israel Institute of Technology, and 2004 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

Jules A Hoffmann, a professor at the University of Strasbourg, and 2011 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine

Hou Yunde, director of the Chinese center for disease control and prevention, and winner of the 2017 Highest Science and Technology Award

Tu Youyou, distinguished professor at the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, and 2015 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine

John E. Walker, a professor at the University of Cambridge, and 1997 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

Kurt Wüthrich, a professor at the Scripps Research Institute, and2002 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

Yuan Longping, winner of 2001 Wolf Prize in Agriculture and 2004 World Food Prize

Yan Ning, a professor at the Princeton University and Tsinghua University

Chen Lieping, a professor at the Yale University

V. Special forums

1. Cross-straits World Life Science Forum for Hong Kong and Macao Young Scholars

Sponsored by Chinese Union of Life Science Societies and Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of China Association for Science and Technology, this forum aims to improve academic exchanges and cooperation amid young scientists from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao. Over 200 representatives of young scholars from the threee places will hold discussions and communications to mutually extend vision.

2. Forum for China Life Science Parks

This forum is jointly hosted by the China National Center for Biotechnology Development and Chinese Union of Life Science Societies. Issues regarding the strategic needs of people’s health and emerging industries, avoiding homogenization competition among parks, promoting institutional reforms and related new policies would be discussed at the forum.

3. International Symposium on Development Strategies of Chinese Biotechnology

Aimed at promoting international exchanges and cooperation in biotechnology of China and encouraging overseas experts to talk about their insights into China's biotechnology development, this international symposium will be held during the period of WLSC.

4. Satellite Symposium on Scientific Publishing

Senior editors of the top international academic journals would be invited to share their rich experiences with attendees and talk about manuscript processing, evaluation principles of editors throughout the process and matters needing attention for authors.

VI. Agenda


VII. Themes of science lectures

Oct 27 (Saturday)  13:30-17:00

S1: Biological Consequences of Global Change

S2: Insect Chemical Communication

S3: Virtual Human–Imaging Across Scales

S4: Insect Vectors for Animal and Human Diseases

S5: Genome-guided application in insect studies

S6: New advances in Agriculture

S7: Plant genomes and evolution

S8: Cell Fate Determination

S9: Genome Editing

S11: Molecules: Make Life more PreciseⅠ

S12: Nanobiotech

S13: Medical Imaging

S14: Nervous System Development

S15: Multiscale Brainnetome Atlas

S16: Emerging Infectious Diseases

S17: Innate Immune Response and Inflammation

S18: Drug-induced Damage and Clinical Rational Drug Use.

S19: Natural Products and Traditional Medicine

S20: Wildlife Gut Microbiomes and Evolution

Oct 28 (Sunday) 13:30-17:00

S21: Adaptive evolution of animals

S22: Chemical Ecology, from Gene to Behavior

S23: Prospect and application of Insect Microbiome

S24: Plant and Environment

S25: Plant Biotic Interactions

S26: Structural Biology

S27: Cell Death and Disease

S28: Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine

S29: Diagnosis and Therapy of Rare Diseases

S30: Frontier of Photosynthesis Research

S31: Molecules: Make Life more PreciseⅡ

S32: International standards and new progress in medical robots

S33: COPD epidemic and primary care

S34: Microbiota and Human Health

S35: Global Health and Infection Diseases

S36: Infection and Immunity

S37: Infant Nutrition and Scientific Feeding

S38: Research progress in agents against drug-resistant infection

S39: Chronic Infectious Disease

S40: Visible Human and Digital Medicine

S41: The Symposium on Cancer Frontier

Oct 29 (Monday) 8:30-12:00

S42: Evolution and Ecology of Infectious diseases

S43: Transplantation

S44: Plant metabolome and human health

S45: Plant Genetics and Genomics

S46: Cell Metabolism and Metabolic Diseases

S47: Epigenetics

S48: Genetic Diversity

S49: Sustainable Agriculture

S50: Cellular Imaging

S51: Protein Research Frontier

S52: Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes

S53: Frontiers in Sleep Studies

S54: Aging and Disease

S55: Neurodegenerative diseases: From biology to clinical applications

S56: New Vaccines Development and Application

S57: Nuclear receptors and metabolic disease

S58: New Drug Discovery

S59: Immunotherapy and Biotherapy

S60: Synthetic biology

S10: Interventional and Minimally Invasive Medicine

VIII. Registration

1. All the attendees are required to register online. Those who want to submit abstracts during the World Life Science Conference 2018 have to register online before Oct 27.

2. Attendees who register before the deadline will have preferential offers, please register as soon as possible.

Register at: http://wlsc2018.hoohui.cn/wlsc2018/eng_login.jsp

Submit abstracts at: http://wlsc2018.hoohui.cn/wlsc2018/eng_login.jsp

IX. Registration fee


The registration fee includes costs on the meeting materials, lunch break and lunches.

X. Payment

Bank transfer

Name of account: China Center for International Science and Technology

Bank account: 778350008189

Bank of deposit: Head office of Bank of China

Please enter the information such as “WLSC2018/registration name” when transferring the registration fee.

Cash/Check (On site)

Address: Room 708, No 86 south Xueyuan Road, Haidian district, Beijing

XI. Travel Award

The WLSC2018 now offers 100 Travel awards to encourage young scientists from all over the world to participate in this conference.

Guidelines for applying for the Travel Award

1. The WLSC2018 offers 100 Travel Awards to support foreign students or postdoctors (under 40 years old) in attending conference and presenting papers.

2. Applicants must register on the website of the conference (http://wlsc2018.csi.org.cn) to finish the registration and submit abstract.

3. Applicants should e-mail the following documents to puyangwslc@sina.com after registration, with the email title as “travel awards_name_abstract number”:

    a) a short statement (100-200 words) describing how you would benefit from the conference

    b) a resume

    c) an official recommendation letter from your supervisor, PhD mentor or head of department

    d) Abstract

4. Applications will be accepted and evaluated by the Travel Awards Committee of Conference. The Office of Travel Programs will notify the applicants via e-mail with further information once the decision has been made.

5. Contact Pei Pei (secretariat@culss.org.cn) for detailed information of the Travel Awards Programs.

XII. Venue

China National Convention Center (CNCC)

Address: No 7 Tianchen East Road, Chaoyang district, Beijing

XIII. Recommended hotels

1. Intercontinental Beijing Beichen ★★★★★

Address: Building 4, Beichen West Road, Chaoyang district, Beijing

Tel: +86 10 8437 1188

Website: http://www.ihg.com/hotels/cn/zh/reservation

2. China National Convention Center Grand Hotel ★★★★★

Address: Builing 1, Beichen West Road, Chaoyang district, Beijing

Tel: +86 10 8437 2008

Fax: +86 10 8437 0387

E-mail: cncc@cnccchina.com

Website: http://www.cnccgrandhotel.com/

3. Pangu 7 Star Hotel ★★★★★

Address: No 27 Central North 4th Ring Road, Chaoyang district, Beijing

Tel: +86 10 59067777

Fax:+86 10 59067999

E-mail: info@panguhotel.com

Website: http://www.pangu7xhotel.com/

4. Grand Skylight CATIC Hotel ★★★★★

Address: Building 18, Beichen East Road, Chaoyang district, Beijing

Tel: +86 400 6789 511

Website: http://www.kdkgrandskyligh.com/

5. Ao You Hotel ★★★

Address: Gate 11, Unit J, Huiyuan Apartment,Beichen East Road, Chaoyang district, Beijing,

Tel: +86 10-84988668  +86 10-84105588/5566

Fax: +86 10-84105666

Website: www.Aoyouhotel.com

6. Beijing National Jade Hotel ★★★★

Address: No19 Huizhongli, Asian Games Village, Chaoyang district, Beijing


Tel: 86010-64969988

Sales: 86010-64969988-8282

Fax: 86010-64979566

E-mail: guoyu@126.com

Website: http://www.guoyuhotel.com/En_index.asp

7. Celebrity International Grand Hotel ★★★★

Address: No. 99 Anli Road, Asian Games Village, Chaoyang district, Beijing

Tel: +86 400 0181 112

E-mail: sales@bjmingrenhotel.com

Website: http://www.bjmingrenhotel.com

8. Ramada Parkside Beijing ★★★★

Address: Building 214, Huizhong Beili, Chaoyang district, Beijing

Tel: 86 10 64809988

Fax: 86 10 64800988

Website: http://www.ramadabeijing.com

9. Beijing Continental Grand Hotel ★★★★

Address: Beichen West Road, Chaoyang district, Beijing

Front desk: 86-10-84371188

Website: http://www.wuzhou-beijing.com

10. V- Continent Beijing Parkview Wuzhou Hotel ★★★★

Address: No 8 North Sihuanzhong Road, Chaoyang district, Beijing

Website: http://www.v-continent.com

Contact: Liu Jiang   +86 18618480613

11. North Star Huiyuan Service Apartment ★★★

Address: NO 8 North Star East Road, Beijing

Postcode: 102008

Booking: (86-010)64991166 64993088 64993099

Fax: (86-010)84970366

E-mail: bchy@huiyuangongyu.com.cn

Website: http://www.huiyuangongyu.com.cn/en/

XIV. Contact us


Address: Room 325, No 1 Beichen west Road, Chaoyang district, Beijing

Postcode: 100101

Tel: 010-64803381

Mailbox: secretariat@culss.org.cn

Website: http://www.culss.org.cn

Working Group 

General Information         

Ms. Wu Chen    Ms. Ma Li            

Tel: +86 10 6488 7226  

E-mail: mali@moon.ibp.ac.cn

Popularization of science        

Ms. Zhang JingJing

E-mail: zhangjingjing@culss.org.cn


Ms. Yang Pu

E-mail: puyangwslc@sina.com

Session lecture and abstract submission

Ms. Pei Pei/Ms. Hou Yanan Hou/Mr. Shi Xinze

Tel: 010-6480 3381

E-mail: secretariat@culss.org.cn

Registration and payment

Ms. Yang Shuang

Tel: +86 10 6210 3105

E-mail: syang@ciccst.org.cn

Ms. Shen Yu

Tel: +86 10 6210 3106

Fax: +86 10 6217 4126

E-mail: yshen@ciccst.org.cn


Ms. Peng Yu

Tel: +86 10 5603 6016

E-mail: wlsc2018_hz@163.com

Mr. Guo Tianhuan

E-mail: guotianhuan@culss.org.cn