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Notice about the Sixth National Symposium of Cryo-EM and Structural Biology

Updated: 2019-04-04

The Sixth National Symposium of Cryo-EM and Structural Biology (NSCEM2019) is scheduled to be held on June 16-19 in Beijing.

The meeting will be organized by the Cryo-electron Microscopy Academic Subgroup of the Biophysical Society of China and Peking University, and the Cryo-electron Microscopy academic committee of the Chinese Electron Microscopy Society.

I. Time

Registration: 13:00-18:00, June 16

Meeting: June 17-19

II. Venue

Beijing Wtown Hotel

III. Organization

President: Sui Senfang

Vice-presidents: Wang Hongwei, Yin Changcheng, Sun Fei and Gao Ning

Secretaries: Yin Changcheng and Gao Ning

Committee members: Bi Guoqiang, Cai Gang, Chen Lei, Cheng Ling Peng, Cong Rao, He Wanzhong, He Yongning, Hong Jian, Ji Gang, Lei Jianlin, Li Xueming, Liu Zheng, Liu Hongrong, Liu Zhenfeng, Mi Lizhi, Shen Qingtao, Wang Shiqiang, Wu Yi, Xiang Ye, Xu Tao, Xu Yanhui, Yan Xiaodong, Yang Maojun, Ye Keqiong, Yu Xuekui, Zhang Bo, Zhang Fa, Zhang Lei, Zhang Xing, Zhang Qinfen, Zhang Xinzheng, Zhu Ping and Zhu Jian

IV. Topics

Main topic: New Area for Cryo-electron Microscopy in China

Subtopics: Analytic Method and Application of High-resolution Structures

Dynamic Structure of Macromolecular Machines

Biological Research on Cell Organelle, Subcellular Fractions and In-situ Structure

V. Meeting formats

1. Reports

2. Invited lectures

3. Oral reports

4. Posters exhibition

VI. Invited speakers

Li Huilin, Van Andel Research Institute

Jiang Wen, Purdue University

VII. Registration

1. Online registration site:


2. Registration fee


Note: Student representatives should email their copies of their postgraduate identity card to wangyue@ibp.ac.cn.

Accompanying people are not allowed to participate in academic meetings. Fees for accompanying people include cost of the dining and banquets held during the meeting.

The registration fee includes costs for printed materials from the meeting, dinning, banquets and tea breaks.

3. Payment methods

(1) Bank transfer

Name of account: Biological Society of China

Bank account: 0200006209014448518

Bank of deposit: The branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China on Dongsheng Road, Beijing

Please enter the information as "NSCEM2019+name" when transferring the registration fee. After payment, please send the payment document by email to wangyue@ibp.ac.cn.

(2) Credit cards

Attendees are allowed to pay with credit cards when registering onsite.

VIII.  Abstract submission

Applicants will be asked to submit an abstract in English and Chinese online. Abstracts should be no longer than one A4 size sheet of paper. Abstracts should contain the following information:

Abstract title

Authors (underline the presenting author)

Work unit

Postcode and Email

Body of abstract

Website for abstract submission: http://nscem2019.csp.escience.cn/dct/page/65552

Note: Please submit abstracts before April 30. If applicants have any questions please contact Wang Qian (wangqian@bsc.org.cn).

IX.  Schedule



X.  Accommodation

Recommended hotels

(1) Beijing Wtown Hotel, 580 yuan a night for a standard room

(2) Bingying Inn, 360 yuan a night for a room

XI.  Transportation

Scheduled bus

The bus will leave at 13:00 on June 16 from Peking University to Beijing Wtown. It has stopovers at Tsinghua University and the Institute of Biophysics under the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The bus will return to Peking University from Beijing Wtown hotel at 14:00 on June 19.

From Beijing Capital Airport

People can take bus No 970 to Miyungu building station and change to bus No 51 to Beijing Wtown station.

From Beijing Railway Station

People can get to Dongzhimen station by subway and then change to buses No 980 and 51 to get to the destination.

XII. Contact us

Consultation on agenda

Guo Zhenxi, Peking University

+86-10-62750127, 15901400988, E-mail: guozhenxi@pku.edu.cn

Abstract submission

Wang Qian, Biophysical Society of China

+86-10-64888542, E-mail: wangqian@bsc.org.cn

Registration and reservation of rooms

Wang Yue, Biophysical Society of China

+86-10-64889894, E-mail: wangyue@ibp.ac.cn

Sponsorship and exhibition

Wang Yue, Biophysical Society of China

+86-10-64889894, E-mail: wangyue@ibp.ac.cn

Wang Guopeng, Peking University

+86-10-62750127, 13488694984, E-mail: wangguopeng.pku@pku.edu.cn