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Notice about the 17th Chinese Biophysics Congress

Updated: 2019-05-23

The 17th Chinese Biophysics Congress is scheduled to be held in Tianjian from August 2-5. 

I. Organization

Chair: Xu Tao

Organizing Committee:

Chair: Yan Xiyun

Secretary: Liu Pingsheng


Guo Aike, Shi Yunyu, Sui Senfang , Cai Jianming , Chen Chang , Chen Quan, Dong Yuhui, Gu Ning, He Shigang, Jiang Chengyu, Jiang Taijiao, Li Ming, Liang Xingjie, Liu Junping, Liu Tiemin, Liu Yang, Liu Zhenfeng, Long Mian, Song Baoliang, Su Xiaodong, Sun Fei, Wang Hongwei, Wang Shiqiang, Xing Da, Yang Cheng, Yang Li, Zhang Chuanmao, Zhang Xian'en, Zhou Zhuan

Academic Committee

Chair: Cheng Heping

Secretary: Hong Zhang  


Li Peng, Wu Hao , Zhang Mingjie, Xu Ruiming, Chen Lingling, Hu Junjie, Lei Ming, Li Guohong, Li Ming, Liang Xingjie, Liu Zhijie, Liu Zhenfeng, Miao Long, Song Baoliang, Tang Chun, Wang Fan, Wang Xiaoqin, Zeng Xuhui, Zhou Hongwen, Du Hong, Kong Xingxing, Wang Shenlin, Wei Taotao  Xiong Wei, Yang Na , Zhu Li

II. Registration Guidelines

Deadline for early registration: May 31

Click here for registration: http://www.bsc.org.cn/2019/login.html

Registration fees (RMB):



Registration fee includes:

* Conference satchel with Conference Program Book

* Morning/afternoon tea and lunches during the conference

* Welcome reception on the evening of Aug 2

* Poster-making service is available before July 15. After July 15, attendees will have to print it out themselves.

Registration procedures

* Participants need to register and pay. All payments must be made in RMB.

The registration fee can be paid in the following ways:

(1) Bank transfer

Account name: Biophysical Society of China

Account number: 0200006209014448518

Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Dongsheng Road, Beijing

Please enter "2019ICBC+name" when transferring the registration fee. After payment, please email the payment documents to wangyue@ibp.ac.cn.

(2) Online payment

(3) Onsite payment

Cancellation policy

All cancellations/refunds must be made via email (wangyue@ibp.ac.cn) before July 15.


Online registration software environment

* Only Microsoft Windows Vista/7/8/10 are supported.

* Only Internet Explorer 11 and later are supported.

* Please configure Internet Explorer to allow "pop-up windows".

* Some anti-virus software or IE plug-ins may cause unexpected errors.

* During the registration process, please don't switch to other windows.

III. Abstract submission

Abstracts are due by July 15. There are no additional fees to submit an abstract.

All abstracts submitted for presentation must represent scientific research that is not meant to promote a specific company or product.

All abstracts will be accepted unless they do not meet the minimum submission standards as outlined in the guidelines.

Click here to submit an abstract: http://www.bsc.org.cn/2019/login.html


All abstracts must be submitted electronically by the appropriate deadlines.

Abstracts must be submitted in English and must contain a title, names of authors, affiliated institutions, contact number or e-mail address, and the main text of the abstract. Abstracts must be submitted in document format.

The abstract is limited to 2,100 characters, including spaces. This limit includes the body of the abstract only. If an abstract exceeds this limit, the author will be prompted to shorten it. The total character limit is 3,000 including the title, names of authors, institutions, spaces, etc.

Abstract revisions

Abstracts must be edited before July 15. Please ensure that no mistakes are made in affiliations and that no important co-authors are omitted. After the deadline, contact findwayfrom@163.com to see if conference personnel can assist with minor edits.

Abstract withdrawals

You can request an abstract withdrawal by emailing findwayfrom@163.com by July 31 so it does not appear in meeting publications. After this date, any withdrawn abstracts may still appear in the Meeting Program and abstract book.

All withdrawal requests must be made in writing and must confirm that all authors have been notified and agree with the decision to withdraw.

IV. Timetable


V.  Scientific Sessions 

S01 Structural and Computational Biology

S02 Membrane Fusion and Fission

S03 Metabolic Stress and Adaptation

S04 Cryo-EM

S05 Molecular Mechanisms of Aging

S06 Hearing, Speech and Communication

S07 Nanobiophysics for Biology and Medicine

S08 Clinical Molecular Diagnosis

S09 Developmentof Life Science Research in the Context of Sports Medicine

S10 Biological Magnetic Session

S11 Neurobiophysics–Cell & Molecule

S12 Neurobiophysics–Circuit & System

S13 Frontiers and Application of Omics Technologies

S14 Photobiophysics

S15 Frontiers of Bio-Trace Elements

S16 Advances in Clinical Rare Metabolic Disease

VI. Joint sessions

(1) Joint Session with Biophysical Society of Japan

(2) Joint Session with American Society for Cell Biolgy

(3) Joint Session with Australia Joint Biophysics Session

(4) Joint Session with Association of Chinese Americans in Cancer Research (ACACR)

VII. Transportation


Shuttle buses will be arranged to pick up attendees at the Tianjin South Railway Station. 

VIII. Contact us


Ma Li: +86-10-64887226


Registration and hotel reservation

Wang Yue and Li Puguang: +86-10-64889894/8542



Timetable and abstract submission

Xu Wenli and Wangqian: +86-10-64887226/8542



Sponsorship or exhibitions

Wang Xiyu and Ma Li: +86-10-64887226/8542




Li Puguang: +86-10-64888542