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Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering
Director of National Center for Liver Cancer

Updated: 2019-06-24


Wang Hongyang 

Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering

Director, National Center for Liver Cancer

Wang Hongyang, born in Weihai in Shandong province, received a doctorate from the Medicine Department of Germany's Ulm University in 1992. She is currently vice chairman of the China Anti-cancer Association, director of the Precision Medicine Committee of the China Medical Doctor Association and director of the medical science department at the National Natural Science and Foundation of China. In addition, she is director of the National Center for Liver Cancer. 

Wang has worked on cancer research for a long time and made great achievements in the identification of key signaling molecules and in the clarification of tumor signaling pathways.

She has published 200 papers in major journals and periodicals around the world. Over the past five years, she has applied for 28 patents.