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Chinese Hearing Research Conference to open in September

Updated: 2019-07-18

The Chinese Hearing Research Conference is set to open on Sept 20 in Beijing.

The conference will be held by the Hearing, Language and Communication Branch of the Biophysical Society of China and Beijing Friendship Hospital Affiliated to the Capital University of Medical Sciences.

The conference aims to promote the development of hearing research in China, and enhance the exchanges between researchers across the country and the world.

More than 10 global researchers and hundreds of experts in the field will be invited to the conference to exchange ideas and academic achievements.

I. Organization

Academic Committee

Gong Shusheng, professor, Capital Medical University

Organization Committee

Chai Renjie, professor, Southeast University

Chen Fangyi, professor, Southern University of Science and Technology

Li Genglin, professor, Fudan University

Liu Ke, professor, Capital Medical University

Liu Zhiyong, researcher, Institute of Neuroscience, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Ren Dongdong, professor, Fudan University

Song Lei, professor, Fudan University

Xiong Wei, researcher, Tsinghua University

Secretary general

Xiong Wei, researcher, Tsinghua University

II. Topics for the conference

(1) Auditory genetics;

(2) Auditory transduction;       

(3) Auditory mechanics;                

(4) Inner ear development and regeneration;

(5) Auditory circuits;

(6) Animal models for hearing and balance study.

III. Registration and abstract submission

Click here for online registration:


Applicants will be asked to submit an abstract in English online. Abstracts should be no longer than one A4 size paper, with a limit of 300 English characters. Abstracts should contain the following information:

Abstract title

Authors (underline the presenting author)

Work unit

Postcode and Email

Body of abstract

Note: Please submit abstracts online. The deadline for the submission of oral talks and posters is Aug 15. Applicants who submit abstracts should pay registration fees before Aug 15.

IV. Contact us

General affairs

Xiong Wei, 010-62792464

Liu Ke, 010-83590143