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Notice about selection for the second national innovation pioneer award of BSC

Updated: 2020-04-21

Notice about candidate selections for the second national innovation pioneer awards of the Biophysical Society of China:

I. Recommendation

The society can recommend five individual award candidates and one candidate team. All directors, branches and professional committees are welcome to recommend and self-recommend outstanding scientific workers and teams in this field.

II. Selection

Please refer to Annex 1 for the selection conditions and recommended work requirements for individual award candidates or candidate teams.

Notice: candidate scientific and technical workers or teams should achieve outstanding results within the course of three years and should have Chinese nationality. The advanced individuals commended are generally in-service; more than 70 percent of the team members should have Chinese nationality and the team leader must have Chinese nationality. Individuals who have previously received awards are not eligible for this year's candidates.

In 2017, Academician Yan Xiyun from the Institute of Biophysics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Professor Song Baoliang from Wuhan University, who were recommended by the BSC, won the first national innovation pioneer award.

III. Reward method

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the China Association for Science and Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council jointly issued a decision to issue certificates and medals to the winning individuals and teams -- and to award bonuses to the winning individuals in accordance with the regulations. Medal winners enjoy the recognition of being provincial and ministerial commendation award winners.

IV. Materials submission

Electronic materials:

Please submit materials online of the proposed candidates (Annex 2, 6), materials of the candidate teams (Annex 3, Annex 7), and related attachments before April 17; please send  publicity materials about organizations where the candidates work before April 28. The publicity requirement is to publicize their basic situation and main results of the proposed candidates for 3-5 working days.

E-mail address to receive the materials: Li Puguang, lipuguang@bsc.org.cn.

Written materials:

Please submit written materials of the proposed candidates before April 25. The publicity materials for where the candidates work can be submitted between April 25 and 28.

Postal address: Secretariat of the BSC, No 15 Datun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100101 

Contact: Li Puguang, tel: 18611131154

V. Contact

Contact: Li Puguang, Wang Yue

Email: lipoguang@bsc.org.cn, wangyue@ibp.ac.cn 

Receiver: Secretariat of the Biophysical Society of China

Address: No 15 Datun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Postal code: 100101

Refer to the link to download annexes: http://www.bsc.org.cn/news/604.html