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BSC expert goes on national TV to explain coronavirus

Updated: 2020-04-29

Ye Sheng, secretary general of the science popularization committee of the Biophysical Society of China, was invited by national broadcaster CCTV-10 science and education channel to give viewers the inside story on the novel coronavirus at the evening timeslot of 8:10 pm from April 27 to 30, according to BSC officials.

Following the outbreak, coronavirus has captured the attention of the nation and people want to know how do viruses invade our bodies, and how do humans resist viruses, they said.

During his television appearances, Ye Sheng and other experts will discuss one topic each day, including what viruses are, the place of viruses in history, what constitutes a strong immune system and what is the coronavirus.


Experts provide the lowdown on the coronavirus on CCTV-10. [Photo/WeChat account of the Biophysical Society of China]