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Young BSC member awarded national-level title

Updated: 2020-05-08


Wang Xiangxi, a young member of the BSC. [Photo/WeChat account of BSC]

Wang Xiangxi, a young member of Biophysical Society of China, was selected on China's Youth Day list on May 4 to be conferred with the title of "national good youth", according to BSC officials.

The title, presented by the Chinese Communist Youth League, selects five kinds of national youth models, they added.

The qualities candidates should display are that they are dedicated, innovative, honest, friendly, filial to their elders and families -- so as to guide and encourage other young people to work hard and uphold moral values and goodness.

As a member of the BSC, Wang Xiangxi is also the deputy director and a researcher at the key laboratory for infection and immunity at the Institute of Biophysics, in the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

He focuses on the structures and function of virus particles directly related to major infectious diseases. He also focuses on neutralizing antibodies and key receptor complexes and has helped design efficient small molecule inhibitors to block virus invasion.

In addition, he also led the research team to participate in the research and development of inactivated vaccines for major infectious diseases and obtained the approval of clinical trials.