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BSC president, secretary general gain national honors

Updated: 2020-06-02


Sci-tech workers are awarded certificates on May 30. [Photo/bjd.com]

Academician Xu Tao, president of the Biophysical Society of China (BSC) and researcher Zhang Hong, secretary general of the BSC, were awarded with "scientific innovation and advancement award" certificates on the nation's sci-tech workers' day, which falls on May 30, according to officials of the society.

They said the award -- first issued in 2017 -- is an important national-level recognition given once every three years.

Two special sections of "epidemic prevention and control" and "poverty alleviation" were set up for this year's award. Ten research teams and 286 sci-tech workers were given awards this year.

The award is not only a high affirmation and praise for the contributions made by frontline scientific and technological workers.

It is also a recognition from the CPC and the State in the spirit of rewarding scientific and technological workers -- for scientific and technological innovation and for the co-construction of a strong scientific and technological country.