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BSC international affairs in 2019

Updated: 2020-07-08

In 2019, the Biophysical Society of China continued to promote cooperation and exchanges with international scientific and technological organizations and offered support for its branches to seek and establish international links.

1. In February, 2019, with the help and assistance of the BSC, the Cryo-electron Microscopy Academic Subgroup successfully applied to attend the international 2019 Gordon Research Conference on 3D cryo-electron microscopy in Hong Kong on June 9-14 and to participate in the election of the conference chairmen.

The Gordon Research Conferences are a group of prestigious scientific conferences organized by the non-profit organization of the same name, based in the state of Rhode Island in the US. The GRC academic conferences have separate meetings on each different scientific topic, respectively chaired by the most prominent scientists in each field.

BSC officials said the Hong Kong conference was of great significance as a springboard for Chinese scientists to speak to international organizations and to boost the standing of Chinese scientists in the international scientific and technological community.

2. In August, 2019, the BSC held its third joint session with the American Society for Cell Biology and the Biophysical Society of Japan during the 17th Chinese Biophysics Congress.

According to BSC officials, the joint session gave full play to the enthusiasm of Chinese participants. The BSC directly cooperated with the international societies to organize the session, so that the two sides could invite more targeted scholars. At the same time, members of the Chinese body were introduced to their international academic peers. BSC officials said the session was an effective display platform for local experts beyond academic exchanges, allowing the international scientific and technological organizations to get a more comprehensive understanding of Chinese scholars.

3. Through the 2018 annual meeting of the Asian Biophysics Association in the city of Melbourne in Australia, the BSC established a good relationship with the Australian Biophysical Society -- subsequently holding the first international session of China and Australia at the 2019 annual meeting, which boosted exchanges between Chinese and Australian scholars.

The BSC and the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,  or ASBMB, jointly sponsored a biennial bilateral frontier high-end academic conference. They co-organized the First ASBMB-BSC International Symposium on Genome Stability and Epigenetic Regulation, to explore cooperation modes for the joint cultivation of renowned academic conference brands.

4. Starting in 2018, in order to support young scholars and provide them with broader opportunities and experience in international events, the BSC and the American Society for Cell Biology jointly established the "ASCB-BSC Youth Official Trip Award" -- to support outstanding young scientific and technological workers to participate in the ASCB annual meeting.

Eight winners were selected at the 17th Chinese Biophysics Congress in 2019. Among them, Li Min, Cao Zhen and Zhang Yanruo -- members of the Institute of Biophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences -- went to Washington to attend the ASCB | EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organization) conference held at the end of 2019.