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Development of BSC think tanks in 2019

Updated: 2020-07-09

1. Last year, after implementing an academic development project in 2018, the Biophysical Society of China, or BSC, applied to develop the same project in 2019 for the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, or CAST. It gained support in two areas, namely: for "research on the development of nanobiology" and for "research on developing cognitive neuroscience direction predictions and a technology roadmap".

2. In 2019, the BSC completed the pilot construction of its "Intelligence Society" program, successively completed linking its membership system to the CAST system and uploaded its membership data to the CAST information system. The BSC's database of scientific and technological personnel was improved and the plan for promoting the informationization of the society was implemented.

3. Since the establishment of cooperation with the European Molecular Biology Laboratory's European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) in 2016, the BSC's Cryo-electron Microscopy Academic Subgroup has established the EMDB/EMPIAR China Mirror Site in China (http://www.emdb-china.org.cn/). The site was officially launched in 2018, upgraded and revamped in early 2019 and officially released on the EMDB/EMPAIR-China website.

After a visualization upgrade, the modified EMPIAR mirror server was migrated to the cloud storage platform of the China Science and Technology Cloud, which improved the speed and security of data synchronization as a whole. This website provides a large number of test datasets for a methodological approach to scientific research and can also be used for practical exercises.

4. The BSC held the Biomacromolecule Phase Separation and Phase Transition Frontier Science and Technology Forum to focus on the core mechanism and methodological study of phase separation and phase transition of biomacromolecules. This was so as to achieve important international leading discoveries and promote the development of new targeted strategies for the prevention and treatment of degenerative diseases. Relevant think tanks have submitted a report to CAST entitled "Suggestions on Accelerating the Frontier of Phase Separation and Phase Transition Research of Biomacromolecules in China".

5. According to documents issued by the central government, the BSC adheres to playing a guiding and normative role and firmly promotes the integrity of scientific integrity and the development of academic ethics. In order to publicize and inform about scientific ethics and styles of study, during the 17th Chinese Biophysics Congress an exhibition on "the construction of scientific ethics and styles of study" was staged.

Last October, the BSC looked at the rules applying to the integrity of scientific research on its WeChat platform and called on its biotechnology team to become the maintainer of scientific ethics and the advocates of strict scientific research norms.