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Biophysical Society of China courses in 2019

Updated: 2020-07-14

1. Get acquainted with Cryo-Electron Microscopy: Fifth Chinese Workshop for Structural Biologists

Focusing on three-dimensional reconstruction via cryo-electron microscopy (3DEM) single particle analysis (SPA) technology -- and teaching participants from theory to practice -- the workshop was imitated and undertaken by the Cryo-electron Microscopy Academic Subgroup of the Biophysical Society of China, or BSC. It was co-sponsored by the Institute of Biophysics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, or CAS, Tsinghua University and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

It was held on Nov 23-28 and through the selection of the committee, a total of 80 students were selected and participated in the workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to provide structural biology researchers with a technical explanation of cryo-EM and the aim was that participants would master the basic skills of using cryo-EM technology.

Apart from the basic courses in the use and operation of cryo-electron microscopy, it also kept close synchronization with the progress of scientific research and close touch with the hot spots in the frontiers of science and technology. Free discussion sections were arranged in each lecture.

Experts from the Institute of Biophysics, the CAS and Tsinghua University have their EM facilities for the workshop.

2. The second workshop on China's studies on hearing and sense of equilibrium

Hosted by the BSC's Hearing, Speech and Communications Studies Academic Subgroup, the workshop was held in collaboration with Fudan University in Fudan University. With the growth of domestic hearing research teams in recent years, many laboratories need graduate students and scientific researchers to engage in relevant work. In order to provide comprehensive training on basic techniques of hearing research, the subgroup and Fudan University partner professor Yan Zhiqiang Fang referred to the model of the inner ear biology summer course of Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory in the United States and invited experts at home and abroad to teach courses.

3. Serial training courses on sports medicine knowledge for relevant professional medics

The training courses were advocated by the BSC's Sports Medicine Academic Subgroup and carried out in cooperation with medical institutions. They were held in response to the call made by the government, to promote disease management and health services for sports medicine and medicine, to provide scientific exercise and exercise guidance for the vast number of diabetic patients in addition to scientific medication and to improve the health level of patients. Since 2018, the Sports Medicine Academic Subgroup, in conjunction with the Department of Endocrinology at Peking University First Hospital, carried out special exercise prescription training for diabetes mellitus patients. As a health service, participants are trained to implement exercise prescription diagnosis and treatment for many patients.