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Biophysical Society of China aims to improve member services

Updated: 2020-09-04


Participants get together after the conference in Beijing on Sept 2. [Photo/WeChat account of BSC]

The Biophysical Society of China (BSC) held a conference on the work being done by its branches in the current year at the Institute of Biophysics of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing on Sept 2, attracting the participation of 32 representatives from its 27 branches, according to BSC officials.

At the conference, BSC Director General Liu Pingsheng first gave a summary about the activities that BSC has carried out in 2020 and discussed the progress being made on member's services, circulating and publishing information, promoting and popularizing science work and the progress of the some of the academic conferences.

He also said that next, the society will focus on increasing cooperation with various branches and providing better services through improved communications.

After his speech, heads of the 27 branches and their representatives gave speeches giving details on their work reports in 2019 and work plans for 2020.

Ye Sheng, secretary general of the BSC's Science Popularization Education Working Committee, outlined the work being done to popularize and promote science in the current year and shared the experiences of branch representatives in this endeavor.

BSC Secretary General Zhang Hong organized discussions by various branches on how to better serve members and how the BSC can actively support and promote the development of its branches.

During the discussions, representatives of each branch discussed the implementation of social services work and the improvement of member's services, among other things.

Zhang told the conference that the BSC would create an efficient working platform for its branches to ensure the smooth progress of various work being undertaken.

At the same time, BSC Director General Liu Pingsheng proposed that the organization and its branches aim for closer links and make every effort to ensure science is promoted more effectively and member services are improved.