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Notice on the 18th Chinese Biophysics Congress

Updated: 2020-09-24


A futuristic poster promoting the 18th Chinese Biophysics Congress. [Photo/WeChat account of BSC]

Sponsored by the Biophysical Society of China (BSC), the 18th Chinese Biophysics Congress is scheduled to be held on Nov 16-18 in Guangzhou, capital of South China's Guangdong province, according to a statement on the public WeChat account of the BSC.

With its theme of "Frontier and Human Health", the event will focus on the latest research progress and development trends in biophysics and related research fields.

The conference will invite leading academics at home and abroad to present reports, organize special branch forums for in-depth discussions and establish staff members exchanges and recruitment platforms for research groups and companies.

The Chinese Biophysics Congress is the largest and high-level academic event in the field of biophysical science research in China. It is also an important gathering of scientific and technological workers engaged in biophysics and related research.

The organizers said scientists and technicians from research institutions, institutions of higher learning and companies throughout the country are welcome to participate.

Following topics to be discussed at the conference:

1. Topics for offline conference

1) Academician Forum-Nanobiology and Nanobiocatalysis (Nanozymes): Opportunities and Challenges in a New Era

2) Metabolic flux analysis: techniques and applications

3) Molecular Imaging and Precision Medicine

4) Frontiers of Bio-Trace Elements

5) Basic research and transformation of diagnostic and therapeutic probes

6) Innovating molecular diagnosis, promoting precision medicine

7) Advances in drug and gene therapy for rare metabolic diseases

8) Biomembranes and Health

9) Stem Cell Ageing and Disease Prevention

10) Biomacromolecules and Health

11) Nanotechnology and Health

12) Cryo-EM Used in Novel Coronavirus Research to Support Vaccine, Treatment Development

13) Sports Science and health

14) Metabolic Regulation in Health and Diseases

2. Academic topic for online conference:

1) Frontier research of phenomics

Forms of academic exchanges:

The event is mainly divided into conference reports, special reports, poster exchanges and other forms. The special invitation report of the conference and the invitation report of branch-conferences are invited by the academic committee of the conference and the poster exchange is an online activity.

In order to encourage members to actively participate in poster exchanges, the conference will in accordance with international practice, require that abstracts of papers other than invitation reports be displayed in the form of posters. The conference will set up an exhibition area for online newspapers and select the "excellent poster award" to award bonuses and certificates.

Requirements for conference articles and posters:

Requirements for literature collection:

The abstract of the paper should be in English. The abstract is limited to 300 English words, including title, author's name (please underline the name of the submitter of the abstract), work unit, postcode, e-mail address and text.

Abstracts of conference papers are submitted online. Summary submission deadline: Oct 30, 2020.

There will be no oral report at this meeting. Except for the invitation report, it is suggested other abstracts participate in online poster exchanges and the excellent poster awards will be selected. Specific requirements will be notified later.

Those who submit abstracts must pay the conference registration fee by Nov 6, 2020. Those who fail to pay the registration fee on time will not be able to participate in the online poster communications. Posters and abstracts should be uploaded on the conference website. Wall newspapers should be submitted in PDF format with the size limited to 5 megabytes. Abstracts should be submitted in word document form. Poster displays are only open to registered participants of the conference.

Conference registration: http://www.bsc.org.cn/2020/