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Forum on medicine, sports integration held online

Updated: 2020-11-13

A forum on medicine and sports integration was held online on Nov 7-9, which was co-sponsored by the Chinese Society of Biophysics (BSC).

It was held in conjunction with the Chinese institute of holistic integrated medicine development strategy, Capital University of Physical Education and Sport in Beijing and the government of Beijing's Chaoyang district.

The forum set up five sub-forums which looked at such topics as traditional Chinese medicine, the integration of medicine and sports, scientific exercise and bone and joint health. They also looked at such areas as cardiac rehabilitation modes within the context of the integration of medicine and sports and scientific exercises for diabetic patients.

The integration of medicine and sports is about the innovative combining of competitive sports science and technology with clinical medical science and technology from different perspectives -- to explore knowledge, to form a new theoretical system and to create a practical path to guide the entire population.

It forms a new health sector -- the sports health science and technology industry.