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BSC expert group moves to help health industry development

Updated: 2020-11-24


A BSC expert group attends big health industry development summit held in Xianning on Nov 19. [Photo/WeChat account of BSC]

A group of experts from the Biophysical Society of China (BSC) attended the Innovation China pilot city construction and big health industry development summit held on Nov 19 in Xianning city, in Central China's Hubei province.

Professor Guo Jianjun, a member of the expert group and director of the BSC's Sports Medicine Academic Subgroup, presented a report to the summit on the integration of sports and medicine to help the development of the city's health industry.

He emphasized that the integration of sports and medicine would help improve the public health service capacity of grassroots communities.

Guo said it would also enhance the capacity of the local medical services and boost the health levels of residents, playing a strong role in promoting the development of the local economy, technology and people's livelihoods.

During the summit, the BSC group and expert groups from other institutes went to investigate a local health industry project, going to various companies to understand their needs, as well as communicating with project leaders.

During a meeting with project leaders, they provided guidance on the design and development of recreational projects.

Experts pointed out that providing rehabilitation for chronic diseases -- as well as integrating sports, culture, tourism and health care -- would have wider positive benefits for the community.

They said these and standardized training that would empower professionals, would promote the scientific development of the local big health industry.