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19th Chinese Biophysics Congress -- Biophysics and Human Health

Updated: 2021-04-07

The 19th Chinese Biophysics Congress will be held by the Biophysical Society of China from Jul 23 to 26, 2021, in Hefei, China. The Chinese Biophysics Congress is the largest and highest-level academic event in the field of biophysics in China.

Prof. Tao Xu, chairman of the Chinese Society of Biophysics, will be the chair of the organizing committee. The main theme will be Biophysics and Human Health, and the focus will be on the latest research progress and development trends in biophysics and related research fields. 

Plenary Speakers



Senfang Sui

Ph.D., Professor, CASM

Tsinghua University, China

Weihong Tan

Ph.D., Professor, CASM

The Institute of Cancer and Basic Medicine, CAS, China



Xiuwu Bian

PH.D., Professor, CASM

Third Military Medical University

Chen Dong

PH.D., Professor, CASM

School of Medicine at Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Xiaohua Shen

Ph.D., Yantz Professor of the Ministry of Education

Associate Professor at Tsinghua University, China

Academic topics

Structural and Computational Biology I, II

Biomembranes and Health

Environment and Health

Dynamic Structures of Single Molecules


Important Dates

  • Deadline for early-bird registration and payment -- May.31.2021

  • Deadline for abstract submission -- Jun.30.2021

  • Deadline for registration online -- Jul.10.2021

  • On-site -- Jul.23.2021

Please visit the official website (https://www.bsc.org.cn/2021/abstract.html) to learn more about the congress.