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BSC expert conducts science popularization at grassroots level

Updated: 2021-05-14

Before the 5th National Science and Technology Workers Day which falls on May 30, the Biophysical Society of China (BSC) went to Gu’an Academy of Beijing No. 8 High School to conduct voluntary services to popularize scientific knowledge and ideas to young people.


Liu Pingsheng, director general of the BSC, gave a lecture on "What is Science" to the students. Starting with a question-and-answer session, Liu encouraged students to think about what science is and what life is, quickly arousing the children's curiosity and interest with humorous language.

Liu Pingsheng, director general of the BSC, popularizes scientific knowledge to the students at Gu’ an Academy, Beijing No. 8 High School to mark the 5th National Science and Technology Workers Day which falls on May 30.

With rich and authoritative information, brilliant slide shows, and witty explanations, Liu visualized abstract scientific concepts, arousing the enthusiasm of the students to think, and livening up the atmosphere of the lecture venue.


Students listen carefully to Liu’s lecture.

In the lecture, Liu led the children to discuss the changes that science has made to human life. In particular, Liu introduced some examples of realities of daily life that can be scientifically studied, such as looks between husbands and wives and weight difference between twins, deeply attracting teachers and students.

At the end of the lecture, on the question of "What is science?" Liu came to the conclusion that science is the way human beings get to know themselves and nature. In other words, science = thinking + experimental verification. For children, the most scientific approach is to ask “why” about everything and find ways to prove them.


Liu (L) bends down to listen to students’ questions and gives his answers.

After the lecture, the students put forward their conjectures and questions one after another. Liu listened to every question patiently and gave his answers.

The BSC has always been committed to promoting the spirit of voluntary service in science and technology. In 2021, the BSC will closely focus on the themes of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and Party history learning and education, go deep into the grassroots and campuses to popularize scientific knowledge, spread scientific ideas, and promote the scientific spirit.


After the lecture, experts of the BSC pose for a group photo with the teachers and students of Gu’ an Academy, Beijing No. 8 High School.