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Kong Xingxing research team in Fudan University currently recruiting

Updated: 2021-05-28

Introduction of the research team leader:

Kong Xingxing is a professor at the School of Life Sciences, Fudan University and a former assistant professor at the University of California, Los Angeles. He joined Fudan University in April 2021 and was selected for the Shanghai High-level Talent Program (2021).

Kong has been dedicated to the study of the metabolic mechanism of peripheral tissues for a long time. He has published more than 30 research papers in international authoritative journals such as Cell, Cell Metabolis and Advanced Science as the main author.

Position: post-doctorate (2 people)

Profession: proficient in molecular biology, metabolism-related pathways, animal metabolic phenotypes, etc.

Basic qualifications:

1. Candidates must be full-time post-doctorates, have good communication and cooperation skills and team spirit, have the ability to independently engage in scientific research, and have good English expression and paper writing skills.

2.Those who have published high-impact SCI papers as the first author or co-first author during the doctoral period are preferred.

3. A research background in related fields such as neurobiology, physiology, cell biology, molecular biology and biochemistry is preferred.

4. A doctorate degree is an indispensable requirement and the applicant’s age must be under 35.

Related treatment:

1. In accordance with Fudan University’s postdoctoral management regulations, the position will provide professional scientific research guidance and highly competitive salary (annual salary of 200,000 to 500,000 yuan, negotiable).

2. In accordance with the relevant regulations of Fudan University, the position will provide preferential policies for household registration, housing and children’s school admission.

3. The position will provide opportunities for visits and exchanges to participate in various international and domestic conferences and will support applications for national postdoctoral innovative talent support projects of the National Natural Science Foundation for China and the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation.

4. Outstanding postdoctoral fellows who meet the requirements can apply for entry into a formal teaching position.

Contact us

Applicants should send their resume and contact information to 15201817596@163.com, and the subject of the email should indicate the name of the position applied for + the name of the candidate.

After review we will notify relevant applicants of the specific time, place and related matters of the interview.

The application materials will be kept strictly confidential.