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Academic seminar on structural molecular biology and structural cell biology held

Updated: 2021-06-22

An academic seminar on structural molecular biology and structural cell biology was held on June 6 at the Institute of Biophysics (IBP), Chinese Academy of Science. 


Gao Fu, vice president of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Gu Ruisheng, deputy director of the Department of Health Science of NSFC, and Wang Dujin, director of the working bureau of the Academic Divisions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, all attended.

The seminar was jointly hosted by the Biophysical Society of China (BSC), the IBP, and cosponsored by the National Laboratory of  Biomacromolecules. 

Titled “Heritage, Opportunities and Challenges”, more than a dozen structural biology scholars and nearly 100 online and offline participants were invited to conduct in-depth discussions on structural molecular biology and structural cell biology, greatly promoting communication between experts.

Through the use of a feature film, this seminar reviewed the scientific life of the selfless and dedicated Liang Dongcai, a well-known structural biology expert, and a witness to the creation and development of structural biology in China.

Participants said that reviewing the stories of old scientists has an enlightening effect on researchers in the new era, and will help modern scientific and technological workers to face the new challenges of the world’s scientific frontiers and major national needs with a good attitude.

This seminar built a bridge for academic exchanges between young scientific and technological workers. It provided a space for a collision of academic research ideas, and helped to promote the long-term development of structural biology in China.

In the report session, Professor Rao Zihe and Lou Zhiyong from Tsinghua University delivered an academic report on “Living in the cell: Understanding SARS-CoV-2 replication and transcription from structures”, while Academician Shao Feng from the National Institute of Biological Science, Beijing delivered an academic report titled “Innate immunity to cytosolic bacteria-structural perspective”, which triggered active discussions among all participants.

During the seminar session, 12 speakers discussed academic reports, conducted in-depth exchanges on the latest developments in the field of structural biology, and spoke about current scientific frontier research in the fields of structural molecular biology and structural cell biology.

This sharing of new ideas provides an open platform, promotes international academic exchanges, and triggers in-depth discussions.