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Xie Liwei research team in microorganisms recruiting members

Updated: 2021-07-16

Introduction to the team leader

Xie Liwei works at the Institute of Microbiology at the Guangdong Academy of Sciences, and the South China State Key Laboratory of Applied Microbiology. 

He is the Principle Investigator of the Intestinal Microecology and Health Team, the winner of the Outstanding Young Scholars Fund on Fundamentals and Application Fundamentals in Guangdong province. He is a distinguished professor at the Zhujiang Hospital of the Southern Medical University and a doctoral supervisor.


Post doctor/assistant researcher (3-5 positions)

Research direction and job requirements

1. Computer Aided Drug Design/Medicinal Chemistry/Pharmaceutical Biology: Candidates with a doctorate degree in pharmacy, who are competent in programming languages such as Linux/R/Python/Perl/Java, and experienced in completing computer-aided drug screening related system design, chemical drug synthesis, and small molecule drug screening are preferred.

2. Skeletal (muscle) physiology and system metabolism regulation: Candidates with a doctorate degree in cell biology, molecular biology or biochemistry, and experience in bone or muscle research. Those also familiar with osteoporosis model construction, bone separation, bone marrow extraction, transplantation, tomography, skeletal muscle single muscle fiber separation and cultivation, myofibroblast culture, muscle injury and other related experimental techniques would be preferred.

3. Intestinal flora and host health: Candidates with a doctorate degree in bioinformatics, microbiology or analytical chemistry, who are competent in Linux/R/Python/Perl/Java and other programming languages, and are able to program and analyze data including metagenomics, metabolomics, transcriptomes, and metabolomics. Candidates should also be able to master the basic experiments related to microorganisms, or master the extraction, separation, and identification of microbial metabolites.


1. Have or will have a doctorate degree in life sciences or basic medicine related majors within half a year, and are under the age of 33;

2. Published at least one paper in the relevant research field of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in District one or above as the primary author;

3. Have good English reading and writing and good communication skills. Should also have strong interpersonal and team collaboration skills, and be willing to learn new technologies and new knowledge.


1. The post-doctorate's annual salary is 300,000 to 500,000 yuan ($46,239-77,075), with a housing subsidy of 2,000 yuan/month;

2. The assistant researcher would receive an annual salary of 300,000 yuan, plus insurance and a housing fund, housing subsidies, end-of-year performance, and scientific research awards;

3. The research team fully supports post-doctoral/assistant researchers to participate in high-level academic conferences and apply for various national and local funded projects.

Application materials

1. Personal resume (educational experience, work experience, published papers, and honorary awards)

2. No more than five original representative works of the past three years.

3. Recommendation letters or contact information of two or more experts in the same field.

Contact information

Applicants, please complete and send the relevant application materials to: xielw@gdim.cn, with the subject title indicating: “application position + name”