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Protein & Cell impact factor hits record high

Updated: 2021-07-23

Protein & Cell, a comprehensive international academic journal, had an annual impact factor of 14.87 in 2020, up by 46.3 percent over the previous year, according to the 2020 Journal Citation Reports published by Clarivate Analytics on June 30.

The journal currently ranks 17th among the 195 global cell biology journals included in SCI, two places up over last year. It also ranks 7th among all SCI journals in the Chinese mainland.

With a 2020 CiteScore index of 14.2, Protein and Cell exceeds 96 percent of journals in multiple related disciplines including pharmacy, biochemistry and molecular biology, according to statistics released by Scopus. 

The journal was founded in January, 2010 by Higher Education Press, the Biophysical Society of China, and the Beijing Institutes of Life Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is distributed overseas by Springer, and is published monthly both online and in printed form with full text open access.


Protein & Cell focuses on the latest research achievements in life science and biomedicine. The contents cover all aspects of molecules, cells, model biology, biotechnology and basic and clinical medicine. 

Its research objects range from microorganisms, plants, animals to the human body. The journal has a diversified column setting, and publishes various types of articles, including research papers, reviews, and news and character stories.

It has always insisted on its non-profit principle and on providing a free open access, opening up a “green channel” for excellent research achievements obtained by Chinese scholars, especially young ones.

The journal has also published innovative research results of Chinese scientists in a timely and neutral manner, and improved the possibility for the voice of Chinese scholars to be heard by a global audience. 

Recollection, the journal’s feature column that introduces Chinese biologists’ outstanding deeds and important events in life sciences in the last 100 years to global scholars, is as an important channel to present the history of the discipline. 

The continuously climbing impact factors of Protein & Cell benefited from the support of fellow practitioners at home and abroad. However, the figure is not the only indicator to evaluate the quality of scientific and technological journals. 

Standing at a new starting point, Protein & Cell is committed to enhancing international influence and providing a broader platform from which Chinese scholars can speak.

Meanwhile, the journal will continue to stick to its original intentions, serve the scientific community and strive to build up a global journal brand with high academic standards, strong readability and distinctive characteristics.