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Chen Ligong research group from Tsinghua University currently recruiting

Updated: 2021-08-27

  • Chen Ligong research group from the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tsinghua University 

Introduction to the team leader:

Dr Chen Ligong’s lab primarily studies the physiological and pharmacological functions of SLC transporters, and uses various modern biological and chemicobiological means to analyze the substrates, functional regulations, pathogenic mechanisms, as well as the potential development effects of drug targets. The lab has recently published several influential research papers in Immunity, Gut, Hepatology, Nature Communications, PNAS, CellReports and PLOS Biology. For more details about the team, please visit:  http://www.sps.tsinghua.edu.cn/cn/team/team/2016/0704/2.html

Job vacancy:

Post-doctor research assistant 


1. Candidates should be under the age of 35, and have obtained or will obtain a doctoral or master’s degree in neurobiology, immunology or related fields within three years;

2. Be sufficiently proficient in both Chinese and English;

3. Candidates should have published academic papers in English journals; 

4. Candidates should have a passion for scientific research, a rigorous academic attitude, and strong interpersonal and team collaboration skills.


1. The research team provides favorable treatment and opportunities for appointees to attend domestic and foreign conferences, as well as skill training programs. 

2. The research team provides sophisticated experimental platforms and a scientific research environment for appointees. 

3. In accordance with the relevant national regulations and stipulations of Tsinghua University, appointees will enjoy postdoctoral treatment, including a salary, laboratory subsidies, lodgings, children’s school admissions, household registration and more. (For more details, please visit: http://postdoctor.tsinghua.edu.cn/)

4. Outstanding postdoctoral fellows are eligible to apply for the Shuimu Tsinghua Scholarship Program. 

5. The treatment will be negotiated in person.

Contact us:

Candidates may send their CV and the contact information of two referees to the following e-mail address: ligongchen@tsinghua.edu.cn. Please indicate “applying for postdoctoral position or research assistant in Chen Ligong’s lab” in the subject heading.