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Zhu Yuyan research group from PolyU currently recruiting

Updated: 2021-08-28

  • Zhu Yuyan research group from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University(PolyU)

Introduction to the team leader:

Dr Zhu Yuyan works as an assistant professor at the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology of the PolyU. The research group studies the role of functional food components and nutrients in ameliorating lipid metabolism disorders, such as obesity and its associated metabolic syndromes, with the focus on adipose tissue. For more details, please visit:  http://www.polyu.edu.hk/abcthttps://yyzhu.weebly.com.

Job vacancy:

Research assistant (one position)

Job description:

1. Direction: Adipose function and obesity metabolic regulation;

2. Location: The PolyU Shenzhen Research Institute;

3. Working period: Starting from July 2021;

4. Opportunities: Based on the willingness and consultations of both parties, the research assistant will be preferentially provided with the research group’s doctoral place in Hong Kong. PolyU ranked 75th in the QS World University Rankings (WUR) in 2020, and doctoral graduates have the potential be funded by various talent programs launched in the Chinese mainland.


1. Physically and mentally healthy, and can work stably; 

2. Have a strong sense of responsibility and team spirit, and are willing to engage in the research field; 

3. Have a bachelor or master’s degree in biology, medicine, biochemistry, nutrition, animal science, food science, biomedical engineering or related disciplines. Experiences in cell culture and mouse handling are preferred; 

4. Have good English communication and writing skills; 

5. Job duties: The appointee will carry out independent projects under the guidance of tutors and provide technical support for the development of the lab’s scientific research;

6. Employment mode: Contract; 

7. The treatment will be negotiated in person or through e-mail.


In accordance with the relevant regulations of the institute, the treatment will be negotiated in person.

Contact us:

Candidates may send their CV and contact information to the following e-mail address: yuyan.zhu@polyu.edu.hk. Please indicate “position + name” in the subject heading. 

After reviewing, the research group will notify relevant applicants of the time, place and related issues pertaining to the interview. 

Application materials will be kept strictly confidential.