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About MIAS

Updated: 2022-02-21

Molecular imaging is an emerging subject that integrates multiple disciplines, including information technology, molecular biology, clinical medicine, chemistry and physics. It has become an important research means in life sciences and a hot topic in scientific studies. 

From a macro perspective, molecular imaging provides effective methods and equipment for information acquisition, analysis and processing in biomedical research on specific gene functions, growth of organisms, disease occurrence and development, as well as drugs’ effects and dynamic changes in pharmaceutical studies. Specifically, other than offering qualitative and quantitative information for research on the pathogenesis, clinical diagnosis, illness monitoring and therapeutic effect evaluation of tumors, molecular imaging also speeds up drug development, shortens pre-clinical studies and reduces relevant capital outlay. 

The Molecular Imaging Academic Subgroup (MIAC) is an academic institution affiliated with the Biophysical Society of China that is working to advance the development of molecular imaging in China, boost international exchanges and cooperation and establish a platform for sharing academic resources and achievements in the sector.

Founded on June 18, 2011, the subgroup had 276 members as of 2015, including experts and scholars in the fields of information engineering, biomedicine, clinical medicine and professionals engaging in molecular imaging.