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BSC included in list of top 20 science popularization societies

Updated: 2022-04-22

The Biophysical Society of China (BSC) was included in the March list of the most popular societies released by the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) on April 18.

The evaluation was conducted by the Department of Science Popularization and the Information Center at CAST. It aims to popularize scientific information of national societies and provincial associations and promote China Science Popularization, a sci-tech information platform initiated by CAST.

The top 20 list, which is released on a regular basis, is compiled based on traffic data collected from 210 national societies, 32 provincial science associations’ official websites, as well as major public social media platforms.

BSC’s science popularization-oriented new media accounts have been uploaded on six mainstream social media platforms.

Under BSC Science Popularization Education Working Committee’s leadership, 20 branches have participated in online biophysics conferences, live broadcasting and recording of short films. They provide authoritative academic guidance for the society to carry out science popularization work.


BSC holds science popularization live broadcast. [Photo/BSC]


BSC experts attend a science popularization live broadcasting as anchors. [Photo/BSC]

To date, BSC’s science popularization platforms have a total of 54,000 subscribers and its 122 original videos have received 892,000 views. The live broadcast has 78 hours with an audience of 552,600. Sixty-eight science-themed articles have been published, with their views totaling 25,000. 


BSC uploads original science popularization videos on Bilibili, a popular video-sharing platform in China. [Photo/BSC]


BSC holds Protein Party, an original science popularization talk show. [Photo/BSC]