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Notice on the 2022 Chinese Biophysics Congress

Updated: 2022-07-05

The Chinese Biophysics Congress is the largest high-level academic event in China’s biophysical sciences. It also marks a significant gathering of scientific workers engaged in biophysics and related fields. Xu Tao, president of the Biophysical Society of China and an academician with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, will serve as chair of the conference. With the theme "Biophysical Frontier and Human Health", the congress will gather scholars, specialists, scientists and entrepreneurs at home and abroad to discuss the latest research progress, development trends and bottleneck problems of biophysics and related research fields.

The conference consists of five major parts: the plenary session, sub-forums, featured forums, exhibitions and negotiation, and themed activities. It will be held both in-person and online for academic exchanges, industrial updates, education, and science communication, providing an ideal platform for exhibitors to release new products, display new technology, promote brands, and expand the market.

I. Organization

Honorary chairman: Rao Zihe

Chairman: Xu Tao

Vice-chairmen: Zhang Mingjie, Li Peng, Liu Zhijie, Wang Hongwei, Xu Ruiming and Zhang Hong

1. Organizing committee

Chair: Yan Xiyun

Secretary-general: Liu Pingsheng

Deputy secretary-general: Ma Li


Chen Liangyi, Chen Chang, Chen Quan, Dong Yuhui, Gu Ning, Hu Hailan, Huang Xun, Jiang Taijiao, Li Wei, Liu Xingguo, Lou Zhiyong, Su Xiaodong, Sun Fei, Wang Fan, Wang Shiqiang, Xu Huaqiang, Xu Yanhui, Xu Wenqing, Xue Tian, Yang Cheng, Yang Chonglin, Yang Li, Yu Hongtao, Zhang Chuanmao, Zhang Xian’en and Zhu Bing

2. Academic committee

Chair: Cheng Heping

Secretary-general: Zhang Hong  

Deputy secretary-general: Ding Guangjin


Chai Renjie, Chang Chao, Chen Lingling, Gao Guangxia, Gao Xueyun, Guan Minxin, Guo Jianjun, Hu Junjie, Huang Yihua, Li Guohong, Li Ming, Liang Xingjie, Liu Junping, Liu Shuangjiang, Liu Zhenfeng, Long Mian, Nie Guangjun, Qu Xiaogang, Shao Chunlin, Song Baoliang, Tang Chun, Tang Huiru, Wang Fudi, Wang Peng, Wang Ru, Wang Xiaochen, Wang Xiaoqun, Wu Tangchun, Yang Zhenglin, Yao Zhi, Zhou Hongwen and Zhou Zhuan

II. Date

Sept 18-20, 2022

III. Venue

Kaifeng ZhongZhou International Hotel

Address: No.121 Daliang Road, Jinming district, Kaifeng, Henan province, China

IV. Forums

1. Academic sessions

S1: Structural and Computational Biology I, II

S2: China-Japan Joint Session - Unconventional Membrane Trafficking, Innovative Thinking

S3: Metabolic Biology-Metabolism and Disease Occurrence

S4: Dynamics of Life: Correlating Ensemble and Single Molecule Levels

S5: Key Ion Channels and Mechanisms of Auditory Acoustic and Electrical Transduction

S6: Molecular Homeostasis and Neurodegenerative Diseases

S7: New Generation Nanomedicine and Health

S8: Neurobiophysics-Cell & Molecule/Circuit & System

S9: Phenomics and Human Health

S10: The Integration of Sports and Public Health & Hypoxic Healthy

S11: Nanozymes: Opportunities and Challenges for the Next Generation of Artificial Enzymes

S12: Nanomedicine Development and Key Factors for Pre-clinical Investigations

S13: Infection and Immunity

S14: Single-Cell Multiomics Technology

S15: Frontiers in Visualization of Subcellular Structures

2. Innovation and entrepreneurship forum

3. Science popularization activities

V. Reports

The conference includes plenary speeches, special reports, oral presentations, poster presentations and featured forums.

Plenary speeches and parallel session reports will be solicited by the academic committee; oral presentations will be selected from submitted abstracts.

1. Plenary speeches

2. Parallel sessions:

Parallel sessions include invited reports and oral presentations.

3. Poster presentations:

All submitted abstracts, except those of invited speeches and oral presentations, will be shown in poster presentations. The conference will build a poster exhibition area, arrange time for discussions and set the Excellent Poster Award to encourage active participation in poster exchanges.

VI. Requirements for papers and posters (online submission)

1. Papers:

Abstracts should be submitted in English and be no more than 300 words (A4 page size), contain a title (font: Arial, font size: 12), names of authors (font: Times New Roman, font size: 10, underlined), as well as affiliated institutions, postal code, address, e-mail address (font: Times New Roman, font size: 10, italicized) and the text (font: Times New Roman, font size: 12). Please send your abstract in the Microsoft document format.

Abstracts need to be submitted online by Aug 26, 2022, and will be included in the conference’s abstract collection. Submitters shall pay the conference registration fee before Sept 1, 2022, otherwise their work will not be included in the collection.

2. Deadline for oral presentation application:

Aug 11, 2022 (Abstract submission is needed)

3. Poster

A poster may contain: a title, names of authors, affiliated institutions, city, postal code, research objectives, methods, results and a conclusion. The poster should be printed or enlarged using a laser printer; lines, diagrams and photos should be clear and attractive. Submitters can upload the soft copy of their posters and pick up the printed poster on site. For this service, an additional fee of 200 yuan is charged for each poster.

VII. Registration (Online registration at http://www.bsc.org.cn/2022/)

Items*Aug 31 or earlierSept 1 and beyondOnsite registration

Regular members (with renewed membership)

1,900 yuan2,200 yuan2,500 yuan
Non BSC members2,700 yuan3,000 yuan3,200 yuan

Student members (with renewed membership)

1,300 yuan1,400 yuan1,500 yuan
Non-student members1,800 yuan1,900 yuan2,000 yuan

Poster printing fee*(optional)

200 yuan200 yuan

Registration fee includes:

* Conference satchel with documents, including the abstract collection

* Welcome reception

* Lunches during the conference

* Tea breaks

BSC membership fee:

Regular members: 100 yuan per annum

Student members: 50 yuan per annum


1. Student participants refer to full-time graduate students, excluding postdoctoral fellows.

2. The above deadlines refer to the payment time, that is, those who complete the registration and pay the registration fee on or before Aug 31, can enjoy the registration fee discount. The date is subject to the remittance time. BSC members can register as a team of six people or more and can enjoy a 15 percent discount (only for those from the same unit for unified registration, one-time registration fee payment and one invoice provided).

3. Registration fees can be paid through bank transfer, online payment, or onsite card payment. Please send the remittance voucher and payee information to the conference secretariat at longjingping@bsc.org.cn for verification and inquiries.

4. Cancellation policy: Cancellations made via email before Sept 16, 2022 are redundable.

On and before Sept 6Before Sept 11On and after Sept 16
No chargeA cancellation fee of 500 yuanNo refund

5. Invoice:

For those who pay the registration fee before the conference (subject to receipt date), an electronic invoice will be sent to the registered email address; for teams that pay the registration fee collectively, an electronic invoice will be sent to the registered email address of the team’s contact person; for on-site registration, an electronic invoice will be provided. If paper invoices are required, please contact us via email at longjingping@bsc.org.cn.

6. Remittance information

Name of account owner: Biophysical Society of China

Account Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Beijing Dongsheng Road Sub-branch

Account No: 0200006209014448518

Note: Please send the remittance voucher and payee information to the secretary of the conference via email, indicating “2022ICBC + name of participant”.

VIII. Accommodation

Recommended hotel:

Kaifeng ZhongZhou International Hotel

Address: No.121 Daliang Road, Jinming district, Kaifeng, Henan province, China

Room type: Double-bed room or standard twin room at a price of 360 yuan per night, with breakfast included


1. For room reservations, please contact Cai Shufang.

Tel: +86-13837807223

Email: 243290206@qq.com.

2. For reservations made on or before Sept 13, participants can enjoy the negotiated price for room bookings; for reservations made after Sept 13, the hotel price shall prevail.

3. Reservations can be cancelled with no charge on or before Sept 13. If cancelled after Sept 13, one day's room fee will be charged; the room cannot be cancelled on the day.

Note: Participants shall contact the hotel to make reservations themselves, and accommodation costs are at their own expense.

Nearby hotels:

(1) Holiday Inn Express Kaifeng City Center

Address: No.28 Zhengkai Avenue, Deson World Expo Plaza, Longting district, Kaifeng

Contact: Du Jin

Tel: +86-18539578152

(2) Zhongzhou Elegance Hotel, Jinming Plaza Xiaosongcheng Branch

Address: No.246 Daliang Road, Kaifeng (Northeast corner of Jinming Plaza)

Contact: Zhu Mingyuan

Tel: +86-15514559898

(3) Starway Hotel

Address: No.108 Daliang Road, Longting district, Kaifeng

Contact: Sun Jianfeng

Tel: +86-18623789717

IX. Contact us

Registration and hotel reservation

Ms. Long Jingping 

Tel: +86-010-64889894

Email: longjingping@bsc.org.cn 

Membership consultation

Ms. Li Puguang

Tel: +86-010-64888542

Email: lipuguang@bsc.org.cn

Agenda and abstract submission

Ms. Ji Jia

Tel: +86-010-64888542

Email: jijia@bsc.org.cn 

Sponsorship and exhibitions

Ms. Yue Tongyan 

Tel: +86-010-64887226; +86-13501326256

WeChat: 13501326256

Email: yuetongyan@bsc.org.cn