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Four BSC conferences included in CAST’s Top Academic Conferences 2022

Updated: 2022-07-29

The China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) initiated the Top Academic Conferences 2022 to accelerate the self-reliance and self-improvement of high-level sci-tech development, strengthen academic construction, improve the quality of academic conferences and consolidate the leading role of high-end academic events. A total of 754 conferences recommended by 121 national societies and consortiums were collected following the nomination, selection, examination and approval sessions, with four meetings of the Biophysics Society of China (BSC) included in the list.

The four conferences are the 2022 Chinese Biophysics Congress, the Fifth International Symposium on Membrane Shaping and Remodeling by Proteins, the Fourth National Conference on Human Phenomics and the Second China Nanozyme Conference. 

The BSC strives to create a climate conducive to scientific and technological innovation, promote academic exchanges and knowledge dissemination, carry forward scientific spirit and build a pragmatic, open and cooperative academic atmosphere.

By enhancing the quality of academic conferences, optimizing academic environments and stimulating innovative vitality, it will make greater contributions to sci-tech innovation and develop into a science and technology giant.