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Session 10: The Integration of Sports, Public Health and Hypoxic Health

Updated: 2022-08-18

The integration of sports and public health is a new concept regarding national health proposed in the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25). As a highlight of health development in China, it proposes the idea of exercise for health and the integration of disease prevention and treatment. To put the integration of sports and public health into practice with more efforts, an in-depth understanding and dialectical analysis of exercise, public health, health and disease as well as their relationships is needed. Thorough studies have been done internationally on the different stress responses of human bodies to a hypoxic environment in high altitudes and hypoxia brought by exercise in hypoxic environments. Human bodies’ adaptability determines the speed and mechanism of their establishment of hypoxia adaptation.

In recent years, studies have found that short-term exposure to a hypoxic environment combined with scientific exercise is beneficial to active health and chronic disease management. Therefore, the integration of sports and public health is a strategy for hypoxic health, and also highlights the role sports and public health can play in assuring the success of the Healthy China 2030 initiative.



Wang Ru

Professor, Shanghai University of Sport


Yuan Dongya

Professor, Xizang Minzu University

Invited speakers & reports

Wu Hao

Professor, Capital University of Physical Education and Sports

Report: A comparative study of hypoxia, hyperoxia and exercise health

Ma Fuhai

Research fellow, Qinghai Institute of Sports Science

Report: Research progress of high altitude sports medicine

Xiao Junjie

Professor, Shanghai University

Report: Multiple effects of exercise in protecting the heart

Zheng Lan

Professor, Hunan Normal University

Report: Drosophila model: A study on exercise and aging heart health promotion

Chen Rui

Professor, Capital Medical University

Report: The mechanism of colorectal cancer metastasis involved by hypoxia-induced exosomes

Sun Dianjianyi

Associate research fellow, Peking University

Report: A prospective population-based cohort study on longevity genetics and environmental factors

Xu Bingxiang

Associate professor, Shanghai University of Sport

Report: Regulation of chromatin states and conformations during heat shock response in mammalian cells