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Notice on the Fourth National Conference on Human Phenomics

Updated: 2022-09-09

The Human Phenome Project is another strategic initiative and source of innovation in life sciences, following the Human Genome Project. It will explore the next-generation of mysteries of life, lead the reformation of and breakthroughs in biomedical research and promote the leapfrog development of the precision medicine and massive health industries.

The Fourth National Conference on Human Phenomics will be held in Changsha, capital of Hunan province, from Sept 15 to 19. The conference aims to rally strengths to promote the Human Phenome Project and draw up a scheme for relevant research, helping China to take the lead in building a highland for the massive health industry and serving the Healthy China 2030 blueprint.


Phenomics and individualized diagnosis and treatment


Langham Place, Changsha, Hunan province


Biophysical Society of China

International Human Phenome Institutes (Shanghai)

The Organization and Personnel Division of China Association for Science and Technology


Central South University

Phenomics Academic Subgroup at the Biophysical Society of China

Human Phenome Institute, Fudan University

Shanghai Fuyuan Technology Services Co Ltd


The Management Committee of the Xiangjiang New Area in Hunan province

National Engineering Research Center for Individualized Diagnosis and Treatment Technology

Furong Laboratory

The Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University


Innovative Service Professional Committee of China Association for Medical Devices Industry


Inspur Group

Changsha Duxact Biotech Co Ltd

Singlera Genomics


Jin Li, academician at the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Wang Chen, academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering

Xu Tao, academician at the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Executive chairmen

Wu Tangchun, academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering

Chen Xiang, professor


Sept 15: Registration

Sept 16: 2022 Human Body Precision Measurement Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition & The Fifth China Medical Devices Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Human Body Precision Measurement Special

Sept 17: Human phenomics summit

Sept 18: Symposiums on phenomics

Session 1: Phenomics and the discovery and validation of new drug targets

Session 2: Phenomics and accurate diagnosis

Session 3: Management and sharing of phenomics data

Session 4: Phenomics and health management

Sept 19: Departure


1. Registration fee: 300 RMB for students; 1,000 RMB for employees from public institutions; 2,000 RMB for employees from enterprises

The payment includes conference documents, tea breaks and lunches during both the human phenomics summit on Sept 17 and symposiums on Sept 18. It does not cover travel and accommodation expenses.

2. Invited guests, report experts and HPCC members, as well as judges, contestants and staff members of the Human Body Precision Measurement Special will be registered free of charge.

3. Registration and payment must be finished online. Visit https://conference.ihup.org.cn/ for registration.


Secretariat of the conference

1. International Human Phenome Institutes (Shanghai)

Tel: +86-13917921918

Email: yeshanglin@ihup.org.cn

2. Central South University

Tel: +86-13054196164

Email: 952485081@qq.com

3. Shanghai Fuyuan Technology Services Co Ltd

Tel: +86-15900910095

Email: foriginal@ihup.org.cn