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Three BSC members win WuXi AppTec Life Science and Chemistry Award

Updated: 2022-12-27

The award ceremony of the 16th WuXi AppTec Life Science and Chemistry Award was held online on Dec 17. Professor Huang Zhiwei, Researcher Xue Yuanchao and Professor Wang Zheng from the Biophysical Society of China (BSC) were listed among the winners of the Scholar Award.

The WuXi AppTec Life Science and Chemistry Award, founded in 2007, honors science and technology professionals in life chemistry and related fields who have made outstanding achievements in research innovation, promotion of scientific results and the industrial application of high-end emerging technologies.

Profiles of the winners


Huang Zhiwei

Professor and dean of the School of Life Science and Technology at the Harbin Institute of Technology, director of the HIT Center for Life Sciences and council member of the BSC

Huang studies the adaptive immune system and the virus antagonism mechanism on the molecular, cellular and individual levels, utilizing integrated research methods that include bioinformatics, virology, immunology, structural biology and mouse genetics.


Xue Yuanchao

Researcher at the Institute of Biophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a project leader at the CAS Key Laboratory of Nucleic Acid Biology

Xu studies RNA binding proteins and non-coding RNA, mainly focusing on how RNA protein complexes regulate gene expressions at the transcriptional and epigenetic levels, as well as the role they play in cell differentiation, transdifferentiation, carcinogenesis and other fate-determining processes.


Wang Zheng

Professor and chief physician of the Union Hospital Affiliated to the Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Wang has long conducted research on the metastatic mechanism of tumors, especially gastrointestinal tumors. He has been engaged in the clinical diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal surgical diseases, especially in the minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment of colorectal diseases. Wang has rich clinical experience in laparoscopic radical resection for colon cancer and rectal cancer, as well as total and partial colorectal resection and other operations.