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Notice on 20th Chinese Biophysics Congress

Updated: 2023-02-14

The 20th Chinese Biophysics Congress (2023 ICBC) will be held by the Biophysical Society of China from July 19 to 23 in Changsha, Hunan province.

As the largest high-level academic event in China’s biophysical sciences, the congress will gather scientists engaged in biophysics and related fields. With the theme of "Biophysics and Human Health", it will pool together scholars, experts, scientists and entrepreneurs from China and abroad. The conference will consist of a main forum, sub-forums, featured forums, exhibitions and negotiations, workshops and themed activities.

To be conducted in an online and offline mode, the congress will discuss the latest research progress, development trends and bottleneck problems in biophysics and related research fields, share academic exchanges, industrial updates, and education and science communication and release new products, display new technologies, and promote market-expanding brands.

I. Organization

Honorary chairman: Rao Zihe

Chairman: Xu Tao

Vice-chairmen: Zhang Mingjie, Li Peng, Liu Zhijie, Wang Hongwei, Xu Ruiming and Zhang Hong

1. Organizing committee

Chair: Yan Xiyun

Secretary-general: Liu Pingsheng

Deputy secretary-general: Ma Li

2. Academic committee

Chair: Cheng Heping

Secretary-general: Zhang Hong 

Deputy secretary-general: Ding Guangjin

II. Venue

Saint-Tropez Hotel, Kaifu district, Changsha, Hunan province


III. Forums

1. Academic sessions

Nine plenary speeches on life sciences & more than 30 sub-forums on biophysics

2. Women in science forum

A platform for female researchers to present their achievements

3. Lectures on careers of young scientists

Academic gurus share their paths of growth

4. Innovation and entrepreneurship forum

Scientific research achievements transformation & new ideas in industry-university-research collaboration

5. Journal forum

Exchanges with periodical editors & professional academic service platforms

6. Thematic science popularization activities

Online and onsite science carnivals

IV. Academic activities

The 2023 ICBC includes plenary speeches, special reports, oral presentations, poster presentations and featured forums. Plenary speeches and parallel session reports will be invited by the academic committee, and oral presentations are to be selected from submitted abstracts.

1. Plenary speeches

2. Parallel session reports include invited reports and oral presentations.

3. Poster presentations:

All submitted abstracts, except those of invited reports and oral presentations, will be shown in poster presentations in a designated poster exhibition area for discussions. Excellent Poster Awards will be given to encourage participation in poster exchanges.

V. Registration


The registration fee must be paid online. It covers conference materials, including the abstract collection, receptions, in-session lunches and tea breaks.

VI. Contact us

Registration & accommodation

Long Jingping

Tel: +86-010-64889894

Email: longjingping@bsc.org.cn


Li Puguang

Tel: +86-010-64888542

Email: lipuguang@bsc.org.cn

Agenda & abstract submission

Ji Jia

Tel: +86-010-64888542

Email: jijia@bsc.org.cn

Sponsorship & exhibitions

Yue Tongyan

Tel: +86-010-64887226; +86-13501326256

WeChat: 13501326256

Email: yuetongyan@bsc.org.cn