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IUPAB 2024: A global confluence of biophysics excellence in Kyoto

Updated: 2024-01-11

The 21st IUPAB Congress 2024 (IUPAB2024) is set to take place at the Kyoto International Conference Center in Kyoto, Japan, from June 24 to 28. 

Hosted by the International Union for Pure and Applied Biophysics (IUPAB), alongside the Biophysical Society of Japan and the Science Council of Japan, the event will center around the theme "Rocking out Biophysics". 

Diverse activities await attendees, featuring plenary lectures, keynote addresses, and hands-on training programs. 

Distinguished academic figures are expected to grace the event, with Xu Tao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), president of the Biophysical Society of China (BSC) and IUPAB councilor, attending the session on data sharing and open science on June 28. Li Sai, an associate professor at Tsinghua University, will attend the session on understanding the structure and function of emerging viruses, scheduled for June 26.

For those eager to participate, the early bird registration deadline is April 30, and abstract submissions will be accepted until Jan 31. To stay updated and register, please visit the official website at https://www.c-linkage.co.jp/iupab2024-bsj-kyoto/.


The IUPAB, established in August 1961 in Stockholm, Sweden, stands as a significant global academic organization and a member of the International Council for Science, boasting members from 61 countries and regions. 

The organization's objectives include promoting international cooperation in biophysics, fostering information exchange across biophysics and related disciplines, and encouraging collaboration among relevant societies worldwide. China joined the IUPAB in 1984. 

In 2014, Rao Zihe, then president of the BSC, assumed the role of IUPAB president, marking the first Chinese president since its inception in 1961. In 2023, Xu Tao, the current BSC president, was elected to the IUPAB council, contributing to the global influence of Chinese life sciences. 

As a significant academic event, the Chinese Biophysics Congress is organized by the IUPAB every three years. The BSC hosted the 17th Chinese Biophysics Congress in Beijing in 2011.

Highlight: Bei Shizhang Lecture

A noteworthy feature of the IUPAB Congress is the Bei Shizhang Lecture, established by the BSC and the IUPAB. This lecture, presented at the triennial IUPAB Congresses, honors the memory and contributions of Bei Shizhang, founder of the Institute of Biophysics of the CAS and the BSC. This year's lecture is scheduled for June 27.