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Notice on the 10th Chinese Hearing Research Conference

Updated: 2024-02-23

The 10th Chinese Hearing Research Conference is scheduled to be held in Hefei, Anhui province, from April 26 to 28, with the aim of promoting the development of auditory research in China, and strengthening exchanges and cooperation among domestic experts and scholars in the field.

This conference comprises five specialized sessions, namely, an Overseas Session, Invited Session, Youth Session, Perception Session and Journal Session. Participants will engage in in-depth discussions on current hot topics and cutting-edge issues in auditory and other sensory studies.

Editors from relevant journals will be invited to the event to explain the key points of journal and paper submissions and announce the new issue of Sensory Neuroscience.

To encourage researchers to explore deeper into the mechanisms causing hearing impairment and develop new technologies and methods for treating auditory disorders, the prestigious academic journal Advanced Science will dedicate a special issue — Hearing Loss: From Basic to Clinical Science. Outstanding papers selected during the conference will be recommended for submission to this special issue, which holds significant international influence.

I. Organization


Hearing, Speech and Communication Studies Academic Subgroup of the Biophysical Society of China

Basic Research Expert Committee of the Audiology Development Foundation of China


First Affiliated Hospital of the University of Science and Technology of China (Anhui Provincial Hospital)

Second Hospital of Anhui Medical University

II. Schedule

Registration: April 26

Full-day conference sessions: April 27-28

III. Registration

Please log onto the conference website at https://meetings.bsc.org.cn/CHRC/ to register.

Representative typesBefore April 1On and after April 1 & onsite   registration
Formal representatives (members)1,200 yuan1,400 yuan
Formal representatives (non-members)1,400 yuan1,600 yuan
Student representatives (members)600 yuan700 yuan
Student representatives (non-members)700 yuan800 yuan

IV. Abstract submissions

1. Please submit contributions according to the following thematic areas based on the abstract content. Submissions should be in Microsoft Word format, and the abstract should include the paper's title, authors, affiliations and email addresses.


Occurrence and Prevention of Hearing Loss

Identification and Pathogenic Mechanisms of Hearing Loss Genes

Development and Regeneration of Hair Cells

Central Regulatory Mechanisms of Audition

Artificial Audition

Clinical Audiology

Progress in Olfactory Research

Progress in Vision Research

Progress in Tactile and Pain Perception Research

2. Specific abstract format requirements: The submitted work should be limited to one page and contain a title (font: SimSun, size: 4), authors, affiliations and email addresses (font: SimSun, size: 5, centered) and an abstract (font: SimSun, size: 5). Page settings: A4, with all margins set at 2.5 centimeters, 1.5 line spacing.

3. Please submit contributions to the conference website: https://meetings.bsc.org.cn/CHRC/. The deadline for receiving submissions is March 20. Accepted works will be included in the conference abstract collection. Contact person: Fang Qiaojun at +86-15850508618.

4. Please specify when registering if you are applying for an oral presentation or poster display. Authors will be notified after committee discussions. 

V. Contact

1. General coordination

Cheng Cheng

Tel: +86-15805156313 

Email: cheng_ds@126.com

2. Registration inquiries

Jiao Wanxiao

Tel: +86-13699155937  

Email: jiaowanxiao@bsc.org.cn

3. Abstract submissions

Fang Qiaojun

Tel: +86-15850508618 

Email: qiaojunfang@126.com

4. Exhibition inquiries

Guo Xiaotao

Tel: +86-15955100913 

Email: entgxt@ustc.edu.cn