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Notice on 2024 Chinese Biophysics Congress

Updated: 2024-06-19


The 2024 Chinese Biophysics Congress will be held in Lanzhou, Gansu province, from July 25 to 28. Centered around the theme "Biophysical Frontier and Human Health", it will invite renowned experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from home and abroad to engage in discussions and exchanges. Scientists from research institutions, universities and enterprises are all welcome.

Time & venue

Time: July 25-28

Venue: Lanzhou University (LZU)

Address: No 222 Tianshui South Road, Lanzhou, Gansu province

Hosts: The Biophysical Society of China & the Institute of Biophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Organizers: The School of Veterinary Medicine and Biosecurity, LZU & Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Co-organizer: Electron Microscopy Centre of LZU


The congress includes plenary reports, special reports, oral presentations, poster presentations and featured forums. Plenary reports and parallel session reports will be invited by the academic committee, and oral presentations are to be selected from submitted abstracts.

All submitted abstracts, except those of invited reports and oral presentations, will be shown in poster presentations in a designated exhibition area for discussion. Excellent Poster Awards will be given to encourage participation in poster exchanges.


July 25

Afternoon: Registration and thematic forum

July 26

Morning: Opening ceremony and plenary reports

Afternoon: Thematic forum, plenary reports and academic sub-forums

July 27

Morning: Plenary reports

Afternoon: Poster presentations, plenary reports and academic sub-forums

July 28

Morning: Plenary reports and closing ceremony

Noon: Departure


1. Academic sessions:

S1-1: Structural and computational biology I

S1-2: Structural and computational biology II

S2-1: Membrane biology and human health

S2-2: Bio-membrane and cellular functional homeostasis

S3: Metabolic homeostasis and metabolic diseases

S4: Single-molecule biophysics and chemistry in human health

S5: Radiation and human health

S6: Nanozymes: Challenges and opportunities for next-generation artificial enzymes

S7: Nanobiomedicine technologies and human health

S8: AI analysis and applications of molecular languages in life processes

S9: Biomolecular phase separation and phase transition

S10-1: Brain diseases & brain-body interactions

S10-2: Molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying brain aging and neurodegenerative diseases

S11: Mitochondria regulate life homeostasis

S12: Advances in photobiophysics

S13: Human phenotypes – Reasons, mechanisms and interventions

S14: Metabolomics and human health

S15-1: Calcium signaling in life I

S15-2: Calcium signaling in life II

S16: Artificial intelligence and rare metabolic diseases

S17: Advances in biological magnetic resonance

S18: Single-cell multiomics technologies: From research to human health

S19: Aging biology symposium series 8

S20: Life science research bridges the gap between sports and medicine

S21: Advances in the methodology and application of Cryo-EM in life science

S22: Neurochemical biology and intelligent diagnosis and treatment

S23: Sensational and regulatory mechanisms of hearing and balance

S24: Gut microbiome and metabolic diseases

S25: Infection and immunity

S26: Ferrology

S27: Frontiers of obesity-associated energy metabolism

S28: Sugar-protein recognition and sugar containing drug transport systems

S29: Oxygen environment, exercise and active health

S30: Scientific and technological innovation in sports and public health

S31: Frontiers of terahertz biophysics and seminar on future development

S32: Research on structural bioinformatics integrating artificial intelligence

S33: Animal disease prevention and control & biosecurity

2.  Featured forums

3.  Popular science activities


Please click http://www.bsc.org.cn/2024/ for online registration.

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The registration fee covers conference materials, receptions, in-session lunches and tea breaks.


Oral presentation application: June 9

Abstract & poster submission: June 16

Early-bird registration: June 3 

Contact us

Registration & accommodation

Long Jingping

Tel: +86-10-64889894

Email: longjingping@bsc.org.cn


Li Puguang

Tel: +86-10-64888542

Email: lipuguang@bsc.org.cn

Agenda & abstract submission

Ji Jia

Tel: +86-10-64888542

Email: jijia@bsc.org.cn


Jiao Wanxiao

Tel: +86-10-64889894, +86-13699155937

Email: jiaowanxiao@bsc.org.cn