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  • Senfang Sui


    Research interest: using cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) in combination with biochemical, biophysical and cellular methods.

  • Mu-ming Poo


    Professor Poo’s research interests center around the development and plasticity of the brain.

  • Weihong Tan


    He specializes in bioanalysis, molecular engineering, and DNA nanotechnology and biosensors.

  • Xiuwu Bian


    Engaged in pathology teaching, diagnosis and research for more than 30 years, and is good at neuropathological (tumor) diagnosis.

  • Zijiang Chen


    Dr. Chen works as a leading clinical researcher and physician in obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive medicine, focusing on reproductive health, birth defects, major reproductive and endocrine diseases, as well as infertility.

  • Chen Dong


    Academician Dong Chen is mainly devoted to the research of immunology, and has made a number of pioneering contributions in the field of T cell differentiation and autoimmune diseases.

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